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8 forms of Lakshmi – Ashtalakshmi

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 4,908
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Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth who manifests in eight forms in our lives and help to attain our goals. The eight forms of Lakshmi are:


Adilakshmi – Goddess of primeval wealth

She is the primordial Lakshmi with no beginning and no end. She manifested from the milky ocean after Chandra, the Moon. Her abode is the Lotus. She is seen with two hands, one with abhaya mudra and another with varada mudra. She grants protection to those who seek refuge in her and is the bestower of boons. Those who want their wishes fulfilled and for all round prosperity in their lives should pray to this Goddess of supreme beauty adorned with brilliant and shining ornaments. She washes away the negative tendencies and ego from the devotee`s mind. She is worshipped by all rishis, celestial beings for moksha. She grants the person with knowledge of self – the place of origin of atman or soul. This is the highest wealth- knowledge from where we come from and where we will go.

Dhanalakshmi- Goddess of wealth

Flow of wealth in a person`s life is very much needed for his wellbeing on earth. This Goddess rules wealth and bestows the boons of wealth based on the meritorious actions committed in past and present lives. Praying to her will grant us the energy to accumulate wealth. She has to be propitiated on Fridays, Lakshmi pooja and Diwali to attract the blessings of ever flowing wealth.


Dhanyalakshmi – Goddess of grains

She is the Goddess of grains. Money and food are different. For constant supply of grains and not to suffer from disasters like famine that will affect crops, her benediction is most needed. Her grace helps one raise cattle and harvest bountiful crops. Praying to her will ensure the blessings of unending supply of nourishing food and healthy living.

Veeralakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi – Goddess of Courage

She gives courage and strength to a person. A person may be blessed with wealth, health, and children but if he lacks courage to take right actions, he is doomed. Courage is a wealth to be cherished and prayed for. Cowardice is a sign of weakness. This Goddess instils the spirit of courage and hope in a person when everything fails to help him. Her blessings empower the person to stand the trials and tribulations of human life. She is called Vara Varnini, meaning beautiful woman. She is also called Vaishnavi, meaning worshipper of Vishnu.

Gajalakshmi or Rajalakshmi – Goddess of rulership

She destroys one`s misfortunes and grants all beautiful things, luxurious living, comforts in one`s life. She is seen seated on a lotus surrounded by eight elephants pouring water from golden pots. Her blessings grant one the power to rule. It makes one enjoy high posts, influential positions and wield authority. Those seeking prime posts in governance or in corporate sectors, should invoke and propitiate her.

Santanalakshmi – Goddess of progeny

She grants one the gift of children. The love and joy of children make life happy and fulfilling. She is the Goddess who blesses couple with children.

Vidyalakshmi – Goddess of Learning

The gift of learning is endowed by the blessings of this Goddess. Her grace grants one the fortune to study and continue education without any hitches. Learning and education is a lifelong process, invoking her will attract the blessing of education.

Vijayalakshmi – Goddess of Victory

She is the Goddess of victory in all endeavours. She is all auspiciousness and when invoked with total surrender to her power, she fills us with the energy to attain success. Praying to her alleviates all types of poverty and sins. She grants her devotees the spirit of victory and focus on goals. She is seen seated on a golden throne adorned with beautiful ornaments and has eight hands with darkish green complexion. She is to be worshipped with nandhyavatai flowers and invoked by chanting:

||Chaturvarga Phalapradayai namaha||

`Salutations to one who grants four goals of life and victory in life`  

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