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Sri Rama Navami

March 23, 2018 | Total Views : 1,527
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Sri Rama Navami is an important event in the calendar for people living in India and abroad. It marks the birthday of Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the human form. Lord Vishnu took birth in Bhoolokam (Earth) to preach us on how to live life. All through his existence, Lord Rama practiced Dharma. He did not let his personal interests take over Dharma. Such is the noble character of the Great soul’s lesson to the world in human form.   Lord Rama was born in the Punarvasu star coinciding with the 9th waning moon in the Phalguna Month. This day is celebrated as Sri Rama Navami commemorating the birth of the divine being who taught mankind about Dharma and its importance. Sri Rama is said to be the human form of Dharma. Dharma can well be interpreted as righteous actions and truthfulness. Lord Rama had always insisted mankind to travel in the path of Dharma. 

Lord Rama was a clear example of how a man should live in this world. Along with his consort, Divine Mother Janaki, his brother Lakshmana and Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama showed the world about how to live according to the Shastras.    Commemorating Sri Rama Navami, we present you certain Dos and Don’ts to feel the ecstasy of Lord Rama and his Durbar on the auspicious day.    

Sri Rama Navami Dos

1)     Being Righteous Stay righteous and travel in the right path. Lord Rama practiced right virtues and implemented it in his life.

2)     Stay Honest to Self and Family Being honest to your family and spouse enhances good relationship among everyone in family. This creates good family bonding.

3)     Give Importance to Shastras and Vedic Scripts Lord Rama always insisted on following Shastras and Aagamas. Vedas and Aagama Shastras are not insisted to be practiced without reasons. They comprise of protocols and provisions which support livelihood without troubles.

4)     Support your Parents, Brothers and Sisters Lord Rama was dear to his parents and brothers. He was never against the words of his father and neither did he act against that of his mother. He took care of his brothers and offered support to others, upon request.

5)     Control your Senses Controlling your senses enhances you to rule the world. This is a secret weapon Lord Rama took upon and displayed to mankind. Lord Rama was never against his father. He valued his relationship with Goddess Janaki and never in life looked upon any other woman. He never argued upon his enemies and even offered good thoughts to Ravana before the war commenced.

Sri Rama Navami Donts

1)     Donts Do not let your thoughts rule you Our mind is a free bird; it is difficult to get our mind under control. Chanting the Raama Naama or taking part in the Sri Rama Navami celebrations enables us to think of Lord Rama and his life. On the mere uttering of Lord Rama, an undisputed change occurs in ourselves to choose the right path.

2)     Do not engage yourselves in disorderly practices Engaging in wrong practices is harmful to our mind and body. Apart from leading us to doing wrong things, it also affects people surrounding us. Lord Rama in his entire life had never inclined towards unrewarding practices. So, follow the righteous path as demonstrated by Lord Rama for trouble free life.

3)     Do not break taboo Do not break the taboo. Lord Rama was so disciplined in his life that he never went against protocols set towards humanitarian deeds. Never did he neglected or disrespected the words of his parents. Lord Rama was gentle towards mankind, animals and even to nature. Practicing thus enables us to travel along with the supreme power and obtain Spiritual Bliss.

4)     Do not expect to take revenge on someone The mere feel of revenge or hatred is not advisable and to be curtailed. Lord Rama lived a virtuous life filled with moral and meaningful thoughts to be listened to by the mankind of today’s era. Expectation leads to unexpected consequences while the motive of revenge on the other leads to disgrace.

5)     Do not be harsh on any living beings on Earth Apart from Mankind, Lord Rama was so kind towards other living creatures on Earth. He was so kind towards all entities that every living creature assisted Lord Rama towards finding Goddess Janaki. Right from the giant Jatayu to a simple squirrel, every living being was so attached towards the man of perfection.

 Invoke Rama on his Birthday for Protection, Prosperity and Victory Blessings

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