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Cancer Horoscope 2018 Predictions

October 10, 2017 | Total Views : 2,911
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Characteristics of Cancer Moon Sign: Cancer natives generally have good imagination and are emotionally sensitive. They are naturally empathetic and absorb other’s feelings easily and are sentimental in nature. Cancereans are intelligent, creative, adaptable and are usually soft-spoken. They may at times be volatile in nature and may shift from being very affectionate to expressing their anger. Usually they are timid and reserved; however in some occasions they may speak out and be courageous. They can avoid unpleasant situations by focusing on improving their patience. Cancer Horoscope Predictions for 2018

Cancer Moon Sign Horoscope for 2018: Your Year Ahead

General Overview Dear Cancereans! 2018 is going to be a brand new year for you, filled with good news, financial gain and chances for improvement at your workplace. Your hard work can gain you good reputation in all your efforts. Your social status and dignity will soar throughout the year. You may enjoy short and long holiday trips with your loved ones. There are chances for you to get support from your siblings during the latter part of the year. You shall perform well in your career and attain all round success. Try to speak diplomatically to others to avoid any unwanted trouble. Be cautious of your secret enemies who may try to drain out your liquid money. During this year, your mother’s health may see some improvement. You may face few setbacks in legal issues. However, the latter part of the year is more positive than the earlier part. You shall participate in many social events and may get opportunity to perform good deeds. You may get more inclined towards spiritual activities and may also go on pilgrimage retreats.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 For Business and Career

Business people may find 2018 favorable, especially post May, 2018. You can try for expanding your business after May, by getting loans or help from your acquaintance. Those who are into partnership business should avoid verbal quarrels with your partners, to maintain a smooth and cordial relationship. After October 2018, the influence of Jupiter shall render wonderful opportunity for business magnets to attract large scale profits. Business persons shall get chances to explore new ideas in business and may get welcomed by prospective partners. Those who are in a steady job or service field may witness change of location or job change after May, 2018. There are chances for more stress and disputes with higher authorities, which can affect your career growth. However, this situation shall change positively after May 2018. Professional shall taste success in all their endeavors. People in judicial, charitable or banking sectors will find this year very favorable.Enhance Professional Excellence – Muruga Pooja

Cancer Horoscope 2018 For Love and Relationship

Your romance life may not be as expected during the beginning of the year. Hence, singles who are looking out for a new relationship can commence after May, 2018. During the midyear, there are chances for more romantic and pleasurable moments. Spousal relationships may also face some discord till May, 2018. There are chances for slight differences and friction with your life partner, which shall settle down gradually. Your spouse’s health condition shall improve by mid of May. You shall enjoy more pleasant trips and conjugal bliss after July 2018. Acceptance and forgiveness of your partner can help you to relish a happy relationship.Relish the Charm of Love Relationship/Marital Harmony –Uma Maheshwara Pooja

Cancer Horoscope 2018 For Finance

Your bank balance may shrink down due to unexpected expenses. However, your instinct for controlling your expenses can help you to manage your budget well. There may be increase in your income during the latter half of the year. You may spend more on decorating or renovating your house or may have vehicle expenses. You may also spend on medical needs and charitable activities. Jupiter is your savior who can bring you good gains and profits during the latter part of the year. Try to avoid any large money transactions in the early year, especially during January and February. Legal issues may not be favorable and may get delayed. You may end paying penalty for a violating act. Increase Financial Status - Jupiter Pooja

Cancer Horoscope 2018 For Students

Your hard work shall pave way for your success. This year may bring many favorable chances to showcase your talents. Hence, always be prepared to give your best when opportunity knocks your door. It is highly important to maintain a good rapport with your teachers or mentors. Be careful to sweep away any lethargic attitude and always move forward with focus and determination. Students who are aspiring for higher education shall have solid prospects this year. Don’t forget to seek blessings from your parents. Success in Studies - Saraswati Pooja

Cancer Horoscope 2018 For Health

Your health may have some ups and downs with no major threat for your wellbeing. There are chances for obstructive ailments which may curtail your mobility. Workload and stress may increase bringing fatigue and exhaustion. Hence take adequate rest and spend time for yourself. Involve in some activity which you like. Take care of your eating habits during travel. You stomach may be finicky and can get upset fast. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid junk foods. There are chances for you to get depressed easily. It is imperative that you practice meditation regularly in order to keep body and mind refreshed.Overcome Your Physical Distress – Saturn Pooja General Recommended Remedy Suggestions for 2018: Fire Ceremony for Rahu (Rahu Fire Lab or Rahu Homa) Philanthropic actions / home remedies to be followed during year:
  • Monitor emotions and reset yourself each hour to stay optimistic
  • Seek blessings from ancestors and elders
  • Avoid postponing any action and being lethargic
  • Speak truthfully
  • Do charity
  • Chant quantum sounds for Rahu, either “Om Rahave Namaha” or “Om Nidhipaya Namaha”, 108 times daily. Favorable Months: June, July, August, September, October, November, December Unfavorable Months:  January, February, March, April, May (during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform recommended rituals)

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