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2023 Aadi Masam : Date & Time in Tamil Calendar

June 15, 2023 | Total Views : 1,724
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Aadi Masam is the 4th month in the Tamil calendar. It marks the beginning of Dakshinayana Punyakalam, which is the night of the Gods. Hence, no auspicious functions or ceremonies are held during this month. However, this month is very auspicious for worshipping Shakti, or the Mother Goddess. In Tamil Nadu, devotees visit Amman temples and worship the Goddess. It is said that Shakti manifested as Pachai Amman in many holy spots during this month and restored peace and harmony in the world. As this is the monsoon season, people also worship the river goddesses.

Aadi Masam 2023 starts on July 17 and ends on August 17. During this month, there are many important Tamil Hindu celebrations, like Aadi Pandigai, Aadi Pirappu, Aadi Velli, Aadi Chevvai, Aadi Krithigai, Aadi Amavasai, Aadi Perukku, etc.

Aadi Masam 2023 Celebrations and Traditions

On the first day of Aadi month, people celebrate Aadi Pandigai and Aadi Pirappu. Women draw huge kolams (Rangolis) in front of the houses. The kolam is drawn on all days of Aadi month. They have kaavi or red-colored borders. Mango thorans (garlands of mango leaves) adorn the doorways. People perform Poojas at home and worship at temples. They also prepare a feast with special delicacies like payasam, vadai, boli, etc.

On the first day of Aadi month, it is the custom for married women to change the yellow thread in their Mangalsutra or thali.

Aadi Perukku (Aug 3, 2023)

Also called Padinettam Perukku, this festival is on the 18th day of the month. It is a water ritual observed by women. The festival honors the Kaveri River and falls on the 18th day in Aadi Masam. Aadi Perukku is dedicated to all the perennial river basins of Tamil Nadu and major lakes, water bodies, etc. It celebrates the rise in water levels due to the onset of the monsoon, which occurs on the 18th day of Aadi month. Padinettu means 18, and Perukku means ‘rising’. The ritual dates back to the ancient period. Kings and royal households patronized it. Aadi is for sowing, rooting, and planting seeds, as it is peak monsoon time. The monsoons are very important for Indian farmers and the country’s economy, as India is still an agrarian economy for the most part.

People flock to water bodies and waterfalls on this day. Those who live on the river banks perform Poojas to the water goddesses and river gods for a good monsoon and to protect them from floods.

Aadi Pooram (July 22, 2023)

The day ruled by Pooram star during Aadi month is Aadi Pooram. It is also known as Andal Jayanthi. Andal is one of the 12 Alwar saints in the Vaishnava tradition and an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Her birth star is Pooram. If this day falls on a Friday in this month, it is very auspicious. Supposedly, Goddess Parvati attained her womanhood on this day. So, there are special rituals to celebrate this auspicious event in all the Shakti temples.

Aadi Krithigai (Aug 9, 2023)

This festival celebrates the birthday of Muruga. It falls on Karthigai Nakshatra this month. The festival also celebrates the triumph of good over evil, as Muruga was born to annihilate the demons. Devotees carry Poo (flower) Kavadi to Muruga temples on this day. There are grand celebrations in Murugan temples across the world.

Annual festivals at Amman temples

Also, many Amman Temples, which enshrine various manifestations of Goddess Shakti, conduct the annual temple festival in Aadi.

Aadi Chevvai, or Tuesdays, and Aadi Velli (Fridays in this month) are also dedicated to the worship of the Mother Goddess.

Aadi Amavavasi (Aug 16, 2023)

The no moon day or Amavasai in this month is ideal for performing ancestral worship. People take holy dips in sacred water bodies and perform rituals like Shradh and tarpan on this day.

Varalakshmi Pooja (Aug 25, 2023)

On this day, Sumangalis or married women worship Goddess Varalakshmi, the form of Lakshmi who grants varam (boons). They observe Varalakshmi Vratam (fast) for the well-being of their husbands and families. The belief is that worshipping Varalakshmi on this day is like worshipping Ashtalakshmi – the eight forms of Lakshmi, which represent different forms of wealth.

Why Married Women Visit Their Families in Aadi Month?

Among many communities in Tamil Nadu, there is a custom of newlywed couples spending Aadi month apart from one another. The bride’s parents would invite her to visit them. One reason was that women who conceived during the Aadi month often gave birth in the hot months of April and May. To avoid this, the couple remained separated during this month.

Dates for Shubha Muhurtham in July 2023

  • July 9, Sunday
  •  July 14, Friday

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