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Dec. 13 – Dec. 25, 2020

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AstroVed’s 12 Days of Daily Christmas Specials Sale

The AstroVed Family is sending you wishes for a season of never-depleting peace and happiness. We are happy to offer you 12 days of Christmas discounts on our most loved and popular life-transforming services.

In our daily Christmas specials, each day we will be discounting 10 select services. You can help improve the lives of your loved ones by thinking ahead to birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or gift yourself ongoing transformation and a new destiny

Today’s Christmas Specials

Fire Lab Technology is targeted to give tangible results in key areas of life, such as finances, career, relationships, and health. Using Fire (Agni) as the medium, offerings of special materials, sounds, and emotionally-charged prayers are used to invoke Archetypes and access their power. AstroVed’s personalized Fire Labs are exclusive ceremonies performed by expert Vedic priests who follow scriptural standards in invoking Archetypes for specific prayer requests.

Consult & Counsel With Astrologer Vijayalakshmi

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Consult & Counsel With Astrologer Vijayalakshmi

In this crucial time where there is fear, insecurity, and a challenging global situation, Vijayalakshmi would like to lend her support to people who need clarity and emotional support. She strongly believes that all problems have a solution, just like how the lock comes along with the key. Consult and Counsel with Vijayalakshmi to identify problems and positives of health, wealth, relationship, and career, and most importantly, how to remedy the problems and maximize the positives for your best time.


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Thuliya Nadi Reading – Essential Package (Includes Chapters 1, 13 & 14)

Thuliya Nadi astrology is a rare form of Nadi astrology which can predict your immediate future in detail. Thuliya Nadi astrology focuses more precisely and with greater detail on your life now and the next few years. It can predict your life events for the next 3-6 years. The reading and remedial measures prescribed can minimize negatives in your life, while maximizing positive outcomes.

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Shiva Sukshama Nadi Reading – Essential Package (Includes Chapters 1, 13 & 14)

Shiva Sukshuma Nadi is a very special Nadi scripture that is a conversation between Shiva and Goddess Parvati, where Shiva himself intervenes in the karmic destiny of the native and speaks in comprehensive detail regarding a new destiny in future if prescribed remedies are performed. Shiva identifies the exact problems and gives the solutions for a new life. His intervention often extends to benefit the entire family.

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Agastya Nadi Reading – Essential Package (Includes Chapters 1, 13 & 14)

Agastya Nadi Astrology is a Divine predictive method written by the revered Sage and Head Siddha, Agastya. This predictive science can give you accurate predictions about your past, present, and future, with recommended remedies to course-correct your life positively. Our Agastya Nadi Astrologers helps decode the mysteries of your life by linking your past karma, present life, and future events. Experience the grace of Agastya Nadi Astrology to remove your past negative karma, resolve problems, avoid pitfalls, and redefine your life.


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10,008 Proxy Sounds Writing To Fix Your Job

This quantum sound frequency invokes the energy of the ultimate money seed sound, Shreem. This seed sound is a gift from God to generate wealth. Scriptures say that Shreem can help attract wealth in all three worlds and combining it with Dattatriya Siva Baba’s mantra can help succeed in your career. Mantra Writing is a simple yet very effective technique to ground the energy of this sound into the writing. This can remove obstacles in accumulating wealth and bring career stability.

Grand Homa

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Wealth Attraction Package

Attract wealth and positive energy by performing the 3-in-1 Homa for Kubera, Lakshmi and Swarnakarshana Bhairava. The combination of these three powerful celestial beings can shower you with untold wealth, prosperity and success. Invoking these deities can enhance your fiscal fortunes and further the prospects of leading a life filled with material comforts and luxuries. The intense spiritual energy generated from this Fire Lab can unleash tremendous power, which can propel your life toward an existence bereft of poverty and hardships.

Fire Labs Specials of the Day

According to scriptures, invoking the divine using sacred and scientific fire technology can bestow the following blessings.

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Aditya Hrudayam Chanting Followed by Sun Homa (Fire Lab to Sun God for Victory and Prosperity)

Aditya Hrudayam chanting followed by Sun Homa invokes the blessings of Surya (planet Sun), which can destroy enemies, dispel doubts, alleviate sorrows, and bestow longevity. According to sacred texts, Aditya Hrudayam is a sacred mantra that was taught to Rama by Sage Agastya to invoke the power of the Sun, during his battle against Ravana. The Sun embodies life’s spirit and all living beings on Earth. This special ritual invokes the cosmic energy of Surya to help combat difficulties and emerge victorious in struggles.

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Nava Durga Homa (9 Mega-Powerful Forms of Durga for Eradicating Negativity)

The Nava Durga Homa is performed to propitiate the nine different forms of Goddess Durga, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. The Divine Mother assumed these awe-inspiring forms to vanquish demonic forces and protect humanity from being overrun by evil. As a symbol of feminine power, she represents the purest form of Shakti, our pure energy which flows in the universe.

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Lakshmi Homa (Fire Lab for Material Wealth and Abundance)

This Fire Lab helps you invoke blessings for material wealth and abundance. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu, who also bestows his devotees with wealth and prosperity. To overcome debts and financial difficulties and build prosperity, call upon this Goddess of riches and assets. Connecting with her and invoking her through the holy fire can help you manifest a wealthy, self-sufficient, magnificent lifestyle surrounded with abundance and beauty. Experience her pure blessings, which permeate your surroundings with an invisible halo of positive energy, dispelling poverty and infusing your life with an all-encompassing sense of meaning.

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Sudharshana Homa (Fire Lab to Prevent Unforeseen Dangers & Enemies)

This Fire Lab invokes Sudharshana, the divine weapon of Vishnu. This effective Fire Lab can help you overcome your enemies and relieve you from inexplicable sufferings and worries. It can also help stop unforeseen dangers and perils from your pathway to success. The vibrations produced by this ritual can seep through your being, infusing you with the confidence to handle even the most complex tasks.

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Subramanya Panchadasashari Homa (Fire Lab to Overcome Problems and Dispel Dark Forces)

Subramanya Panchadasashari Homa is conducted to propitiate Muruga, the son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the brother to Ganesha. Renowned for his valor and courage and his compassion towards his devotees, performing Subramanya Panchadasashari homa can help invoke his blessings and bring joy and prosperity, and help overcome problems caused by enemies and dispel dark and evil forces surrounding a person. This powerful ritual can release tremendous energy, which can enable you to achieve your goals easily and overcome debts, along with the bestowal of protection from enemies and combating diseases.

30% OFF Coupon – XMASFL30

Ayyappa Homa (Fire Lab for Trouble-Free Life)

Ayyappa, born out of the spiritual union of Vishnu and Shiva, has unique powers to control the adverse effects of Saturn. This connection between Ayyappa and Saturn is the basis for this exclusive homa performed as a remedy for people undergoing hardships due to Sade Sati (7 and a half period of Saturn), 8th house Saturn, 4th house Saturn and Saturn Dosha (Saturn Affliction) and to reduce the impact of Saturn.

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Garbarakshambiga Homa (Fertility Blessing and Fetus Protection Fire Lab)

Garbarakshambiga homa invokes the blessings of Goddess Parvati in the form of Garbarakshambiga. Garbarakshambiga Fire Lab can remove all obstacles in the quest of couples to beget a child and also smoothen the process of motherhood. It is performed in honor of Goddess Parvati in the form of Garbarakshambiga and appeals to her motherly instincts to bestow offspring. She is the epitome of kindness and protects women, blessing them with a good life partner, a healthy child, and happy marital life.

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Moon Homa (Moon Planetary Blessings Fire Lab)

This Moon Fire Lab invokes the blessings of planet Moon. The Moon rules your mind and emotions and brings success. Regarded as the Queen of Planets, Moon can deeply impact your decision-making skills positively. Performing Moon homa can balance your emotions, improve self-worth, promote love and success and improve rapport with your mother.