Use Ganesha’s Emergency Karma Clinic to Bust Your Obstacles on 4th Waning Moon

February 20, 2022 (IST)

Negative karma is the source of all suffering, hardships, and misfortunes we experience in life.

Although karma is a law of nature, there are remedial measures in the form of spiritual technology that can nullify its influences. Just as modern doctors have created different medications to heal different kinds of sickness, the Ancient Seers have created different remedies to nullify different kinds of karma. Overcoming karmic suffering is an emergency, and to overcome it you need to use the “emergency clinic” of spiritual technology.

“There is an emergency; you have to bring emergency to stop your suffering, whether it is financial suffering, whether it is physical suffering, a disease, or a relationship suffering; you have to stop it immediately; you have to create an emergency, and that is important. Otherwise you will be waiting forever, and you elect to suffer and it is foolish to elect to suffer – there are technologies. So, the Emergency Karma Clinic uses a lot of symbols and rituals. And that’s the reason why I created this Karma Clinic and I want you to try. It is again a scientific process. We have to test it and I want you to test it; just not once, just give it 2 or 3 times before you drop it or keep it. God Bless.”

Get Results NOW with Ganesha

Ganesha is the Archetype who specializes in smashing through karma in the shortest amount of time possible. His spiritual technology is the most effective spiritual technology on the planet when it comes to getting results.

Dr. Pillai has revealed a very powerful Ganesha vortex known as “Ekadasa Vinayagar,” or the 11 Ganeshas, to perform special karma nullifying spiritual technology. The 11 Ganeshas found in this vortex are said to have been installed by Vishnu himself, on the recommendation of Shiva, to reclaim 11 forms of wealth he had lost.

Note: The rituals are designed to bring in total change in your life. This ritual schedule will be given only on 4th Moon on first come, first serve basis.

Emergency Karma Clinic Package

Individual Ganesha Homa

Individual Ganesha Homa at Powerspot

Ganesha Abhishekam and Archana

Abhishekam and Archana to 11 Ganesha(s) at his Powerspot

1008 Coconut Smashing

1008 Coconut Smashing at Powerspot

Participate in the Emergency Karma Clinic Package. An individual homa, Abhishekam and archana will be performed to Ganesha at the powerful 11 Ganesha Powerspot. It is considered that Archetype Vishnu, as per the advise from Shiva in order to regain his wealth, installed 11 Ganeshas here, when he lost 11 type of wealth out of the 16.

Ganesha has special powers to remove stubborn karmic blocks in the areas of finance, career, relationship and health. Offering your prayers to Ganesha by mentioning your main problems/obstacles/issues can help you solve your problems.

Note: The rituals are designed to bring in total change in your life, which will be performed only on 4th Moon.

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