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What Is Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jyotish (Jyotish means science of light) is the ancient and divine predictive science that throws light on the past, present and future of an individual. It utilizes the sacred inscriptions etched on palm leaves that are collectively known as Nadi.

Uniqueness of Nadi Astrology

The Thumb Rules

In traditional astrology, you are asked to furnish your birth details, whereas in Nadi Astrology, only your thumb impression is needed. Your thumb impression has to match one of the 108 categories of thumb impressions under which the Nadi leaves are arranged.

Prediction is Absolute

Since the Nadi leaves have been pre-recorded centuries ago, there is no doubt about the prediction. The contents of the prediction are predefined and not dependent on the skills of the Nadi Reader. They come directly from the sages and cannot be altered or manipulated.

You Seek It Out

In traditional astrology, either you can approach an astrologer or the astrologer can visit your house. However, in Nadi Astrology, the person who wants to get one’s prediction has to come in search of the Nadi Reader.

Divination for Chosen Ones

Only a person destined to unlock his future will get an opportunity to approach a Nadi Reader at a predestined age and time. Even the age at which a person will approach is mentioned in the Nadi leaf. It is usually when Saturn and Jupiter are in specific Rasis.

Exclusive Information

No other kind of predictive science can accurately tell about your family members, your past lives, and remedies to be performed to alleviate the effect of bad karmas.

Proof of Rebirth

Your Nadi leaf gives direct correlation between the problems in this life and the deeds done in previous lifetimes. Nadi Astrology, therefore, confirms the Law of Karma (cause and its effect).

Nadi Astrology can enable you to access the Story of your Life at the touch of a thumb!