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Yearly Horoscope


A New Year, a new beginning

A New Year marks the beginning of a fresh start. Anything new is generally looked forward to with hopes and expectations, and time is no exception to this universal phenomenon. While a new year does generate a fresh set of aspirations, it gives rise to its quota of fears and concerns too. So, a new year is generally looked forward to with mixed emotions, and this prompts many people to turn to astrology to know in advance, what destiny has in store for them in the year that lies just ahead.

Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope can be taken as the answer that astrology provides in advance, for the dreams and anxieties that a new year brings along. It just denotes the astrological predictions done for the year, that is going to begin shortly. Such predictions are given, not only for the Gregorian calendar year of January-December but also for the years of other calendars, like Tamil New Year (Mid April-Mid April). A yearly horoscope provides people, the forecasts for the coming period of 12 months. These are done generally based on the zodiac signs and are given individually, for each of the 12 signs. Thus, a yearly horoscope is something that will be common and applicable for all the people, who are born under a particular zodiac sign.


A horoscope is a blueprint of an individual’s life. A horoscope can show the positions of the planets and also other astrological aspects, as they remained at the time of birth of the person. Horoscope is a karmic plan that is unique for an individual, and its study can provide significant data about all the essential aspects like education, profession, love, marriage, progeny, health, income, financial condition, relationships, any happening of significance and longevity. Thus, it can even be said that the system of astrology functions with horoscope as the framework.
Structure of a Horoscope
The zodiac signs that exist in the astrological system are 12 in number, and these are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. 12 signs represent these Houses in a horoscope, and they carry their characteristics and importance. It is only these signs and Houses that the various planets stay in and also pass through in a person’s lifetime.

Horoscope Reading and its Importance

It is culture and tradition that has mostly defined our way of living over the ages, and this is true even to this day. In our tradition-bound society, it remains a natural process to take the help of horoscopes and consult astrologers on all issues of importance. Hence, the right horoscope casting, reading and predicting assume tremendous significance for an individual.

Yearly Horoscope predictions

Yearly horoscope predictions are done based mainly on the position of different planets in the various Houses of the horoscope. These will provide significant information about, how the year that follows will generally be; what to expect and what not to during the period; what good may happen and what harm may befall on people; what activities can be undertaken and what, they should stay away from; and what precautions to be taken or remedies performed for overcoming impediments. These forecasts can thus give an idea about what is in store for a person in the 12-month time ahead and prepare the individual both physically and psychologically, to plan for the immediate future.
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