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Taurus Monthly Horoscope - June, 2022
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General: Taurus natives may have to face tough times in their personal and professional lives during June 2022. There can be losses in your business and work, and your essential projects and endeavors could get delayed. Your planning, too, may not give you desired outcomes, and there might be hurdles in long travels, whereas some may not be able to succeed in foreign countries. Fortune may not be on your side this month. Moreover, friends may give you some trouble, and a few could face setbacks in their careers. In addition, those planning to get admission to highly esteemed institutions can face disappointments. In general, your wishes and desires may not get fulfilled in June 2022.

Love Relationship: Relationship with family is likely to be good, and they may support you mentally, emotionally, and financially in troubled times. However, relationships with your friends and colleagues may be strained. Your love life, too, may suffer from fights, misunderstandings, and separations, while some may suffer from heartbreaks and isolation. However, your married life could be decent. Though domestic life may go through some chaos, peace may prevail most of the time in June 2022. The newly married might enjoy blissful life, and some may even travel to exotic places. However, you may need to make some adjustments and compromises in this regard. A few eligible couples can expect childbirth.

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Finance: Your financial condition may not be sound in this period. Some people may suffer from debt, and there can be problems in loan matters. Economic conditions might fluctuate, with some suffering from scarcity of liquid wealth. But on the other hand, some may make moderate profits through real estate, construction, and agriculture-related work. However, your expenses can be high, and you may not save money during this month.

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Career: Taurus natives may have to face obstacles and setbacks in their careers in June 2022. Some people may lose their status or jobs, and there can be a loss of respect and position in your occupation. However, the unemployed may get new jobs; still, income may not be to your expectation. You may also have to face failures in your artistic and creative endeavors. While you may not get favorable opportunities or desired changes in your career, a few might lose some lucrative opportunities in June 2022. However, those working in the TV or Radio industry may get recognition and a good amount of money in June 2022.

Business: Medicine and cosmetic businesses can give you minimal gains, whereas garment businesses may provide moderate profits. Besides, loss from speculative activities and your investments is possible. However, there can be gains through travel, hotel, and food business. But, you may face delays and obstacles in industries related to coal, oil, transport, and construction in June 2022. However, work or business related to the media and showbiz industry may get some recognition after hard work.

Professionals: Your promotion or increments may get delayed in government jobs, whereas some may get transferred to places, not to their liking. However, a change in the workplace can give some marginal gains. Further, those in advertising, promotional, or marketing could witness success after struggle and initial setbacks in June 2022. But failure in the sports fields might give you a tough time. However, those in the medical and engineering fields could do well in their professions.

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Health: The health of Taurus natives appears fine, but some could suffer from low energy and hypertension in June 2022. You may also experience skin-related problems and viral fever. However, you may recover quickly, but your monotonous routine life may take a toll on your mental health. In addition, some emotional problems may disturb your peace and sleep in June 2022. However, healthy eating habits and meditation can bring some relaxation and mental stability to your life during this period.

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Student: Taurus students may have to work hard to get positive results in their educational matters. However, medical and engineering students may do reasonably well in June 2022, and those in media and management studies could get success. But, there are chances for you to suffer from failures and obstacles in competitive exams and interviews. Besides, those in higher education or planning to study in foreign countries may have to work hard. Some students might get scholarships in their higher education or research field. Ganesha pooja

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Auspicious dates: 5,6,10,11,14,18,21,22,30

Inauspicious dates: 1,3, 4,8,9,12,13,15,19,20,23,24,29