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Taurus Monthly Horoscope - July, 2022
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General: Taurus natives may face some issues or problems in their family or personal lives in July 2022. However, there could be several opportunities to enhance your income and expand your business now. Your payments can be reasonable, but expenses might be high. Some people may receive appreciation from their superiors, higher authority, or boss at the end of the month for their work efficiency. However, the workload can be heavy, and sometimes you could feel dull or monotonous. But overall, income might be impressive, and you may be able to save some money even after high expenses. Your lifestyle, too, might improve, but some people could get stuck in conflicts or litigation issues.

Love Relationship: There could be some differences with your life partner in your married life throughout the month. However, your spouse may be caring and worried about your overall well-being, although some ego tussles and differences of opinion or values might harm the peace and comfort of your married life. There are also possibilities for some people to face even separation or divorce from their partner. However, some couples may celebrate childbirth in the family. However, despite conflicts, domestic peace and harmony can prevail for most people at the end of July, as things may get sorted out by then. Besides, a few Taurus singles may meet their ideal partners in July 2022, although your love life can take time to blossom. In addition, some could enjoy a happy, casual dating process, while those in a committed relationship might plan to marry their love interests in July. Moreover, those in a live-in relationship may also experience extra care and tender love during this period, and there might be a lot of intimacy between new couples in July.

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Finance: You may be able to clear off your debts and loans in July 2022. Though your expenses might be high, those could only be for good causes and improving your lifestyle. There can be earnings and a constant flow of money from multiple sources thanks to your work. And savings could be decent despite extra expenses. However, make sure you do not indulge in any extravagant activities or futile expenditures. Your past investments, too, might give you gains in this period, and you may earn unexpected money from the stock and share market. You may also make ample money from speculative activities and gaming this month.

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Career: Some Taurus natives can get government jobs at the beginning or end of July 2022. However, those working in the private sector may get frustrated because of work overload, responsibilities, and monotonous work routines. Still, you can expect to gain recognition and rewards from your superiors and peers for your hard work and efficiency at the end of the month. Besides, those in the banking sector might taste success in their Jobs. On the other hand, competition at the workplace may give you anxiety, but you might come out a winner at the end of February 2022. Now, you could see progress, growth, and increment in your occupation, whereas a few government employees might also get promoted at the end of July.

Business: You are likely to succeed in your business endeavors and dealings during July 2022. Hotel, travel, and food businesses can run well, whereas the self-employed natives could make significant gains from their work and meetings. Business-related to export-import and trading, too, can fetch ample profits, while the real-estate business could yield enormous profits and substantial money in July. In addition, occupation in the marketing and advertising fields, too, might fetch you success. On the other hand, those in the art and film fields may enjoy success and prosperity in their life.

Professionals: Taurus natives could experience good progress, growth, and popularity in the media, entertainment, and showbiz worlds in July. Occupation related to marketing and advertising can fetch money and fame for many, whereas success, wealth, and fame through professional sports are also very much on the cards. Moreover, those in the administrative lines may get rewards and recognition for their prolific work and accurate implementation of their plans. Creative and artistic people, too, can be happy and prosperous in July 2022.

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Health: The health of family members can be a cause for concern for a few Taurus natives in July. Your expenses on medication may rise. Besides, you may need to take care of your health, too, as heart and migraine ailments could trouble a few of you. Some Taurus natives might also suffer from viral fever, whereas those with diabetes may face some problems and hence, may have to take care of their medication and diet. In addition, there are also chances for a few to suffer from minor injuries due to sudden accidents or mishaps at the month-end. However, they may recover quickly as their immunity and energy levels could be high. Daily exercise and a good diet could benefit you greatly in this period. On the other hand, the elderly can see their daily routine and diet improving in July 2022.

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Student: Taurus students in college and universities may encounter some problems in their education, although those in school may do well in their academics and examinations. Those planning to travel abroad for higher studies can succeed, whereas some Taurus students might bring a good name to their school in debates and sports competitions. Besides, law, engineering, media, management, and medical students could also do well in their educational pursuits, though some may face obstacles and dejection in academics. Also, those preparing for competitive exams could face temporary setbacks or failure, while a few Taurus students might lack motivation and concentration during July 2022.

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Auspicious dates: 2,3,6,15, 16, 20, 22, 23,25, 28,30,31

Inauspicious dates: 4,5, 9, 11, 17, 18,23, 26