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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - June, 2022
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General: The month of June 2022 can bring some ups and downs in the lives of Scorpio natives. So, this could be a month of a mixed bag for you; still, your practical and hardworking nature might stabilize your work. There could be a balance between your personal and professional lives. But, some people may have domestic chaos, conflicts, or disharmony now. However, those planning to travel to foreign countries can expect good news and progress in that direction at the end of the month. Also, though luck may not be in your favor at the start of the month, lady luck should smile at you at the month-end, and everything might plan out well for you naturally at the end.

Love Relationship: Some Scorpio natives may suffer from heartbreaks or separations in their love life. A few may even get cheated by their partner in their romantic affairs. Thus, everything may not be very subtle or cordial between you and your partner now. Further, the singles, too, may not find their right match in June. Please stay away from clandestine or short-sighted love affairs as these can only bring pain and insult to your life. Love affairs started now may also only be short-lived. Moreover, those planning to get married may have to face some complications in their marriage, while those already married may have some tough arguments and disagreements in June 2022. A few married couples may even face divorce or separations. So, beware!

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Finance: You may face trouble due to high expenses, and some people may suffer from debt in June 2022. However, there could be a steady, stable, and constant flow of liquid wealth from more than one source. Also, you may not feel the scarcity of money due to financial assistance from your spouse, parents, siblings, friends, or in-laws. Your lifestyle and status, too, can improve significantly at the end of the month as you may have financial stability and prosperity this month. Besides, the Scorpio natives could face a few losses through speculative activities, stocks, and shares markets. However, your long-term investments or savings might give you some relief. On the other hand, you may gain some money from real-estate work, construction-related work, agricultural work, or agricultural products. However, you may lose some money through betting and lottery as well. But, some people may start earning money from multiple sources at the end of June. However, you may require proper planning this month to take control of your expenses. Jupiter pooja

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Career: There can be some struggle and instability in your career in June 2022. You may lose some lucrative opportunities for growth and progress, while some people may have to wait for their increments and promotions. Besides, some setbacks in government jobs are also possible. However, those searching for work or employment might succeed at the end of June. Likewise, those who have started new work or changed their position or place of work may see some success and growth in their life. On the other hand, those in the media, sports, and entertainment fields may face hurdles and problems in their career. Overall, your work life could be hectic and monotonous this month.

Business: You may face some losses in your current work or business, dear Scorpios, in June 2022. However, those who stated any new venture or partnership business can make moderate gains and profits. Also, self-employment and freelancing could give you success after hard work, while you may earn well through online business now. However, there might only be moderate gains through the food, travel, or hotel industries. Further, you may suffer losses in your transport-related business, whereas your money or payments can get stuck in the first half of the month.

Professionals: You may not get any significant opportunities in your occupation or profession in June 2022. Your patience can get tested at your workplace. However, those in artistic and creative work are likely to do well at the month-end. But journalists, editors, bloggers, photographers, writers, designers, and IT professionals may have to work hard for success. On the other hand, those in the occult, spiritual, or astrology fields could get big success and recognition now. In addition, a few of you may get popular in politics in June 2022. Also, you could get success in designing, fashion, advertising, marketing, and the showbiz world at the end of June after the initial struggle.

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Health: There appear to be no significant health troubles for Scorpios in June 2022. However, some may suffer from stomach troubles, skin diseases, or pain in their bones, while a few from minor injuries, but you might recover quickly. Your health and immunity look fine, but still, you may be overtaken by laziness. Besides, those suffering from eye or lung troubles can get significant relief now. However, issues related to migraine or thyroid could cause problems for Scorpio women. But, you should be able to improve your lifestyle by joining the gym, yoga, or aerobic classes now. Please take care of your diet and food habits in this period, and do not eat fast food as you may gain fat and cholesterol as a result.

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Student: Scorpio students may suffer from a lack of focus, ambition, or objectives in June 2022. Your concentration level may also dip. Though you may still do well in your studies, exams, tests, or interviews, the outcome of your exams may not be as per your expectations. Besides, you may also lose some crucial employment opportunities or entrance tests for admission due to your carelessness or ignorance. However, some students, especially those studying in foreign countries, may succeed in higher education. Further, medical, media, or engineering students may have to work very hard for a desirable outcome. Also, those studying management accounting may face some troubles, while those preparing for competitive exams or departmental exams might encounter many hurdles or roadblocks. So, overall, this month looks not so favorable for your educational pursuits. So, please be cautious.

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Auspicious dates: 1,2,3,10.1,15,19,20,22,24,27,28,29

Inauspicious dates: 4,7,812,13,17,21,23,25,26