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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - July, 2022
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General: Scorpio natives’ work-life may be hectic but rewarding in July 2022. However, things can become complicated in your romantic or married life. There could be gains and success through your work and profession. But, you might experience phases of both happiness and sadness during July; however, some of your wishes or ambitions related to your career or education may get fulfilled now. On the other hand, your friend, partner, or relative may backstab you at a crucial moment in this period. And there might also be struggles and worries in your personal & relationship matters. However, there should be no scarcity of money even after high expenses in July. On the contrary, the financial sector can give you prosperity and satisfaction, with an improvement in your status and lifestyle. Your luxury and comfort may also rise this month.

Love Relationship: You may have a strained relationship with your partner, friends, and colleagues during July 2022. You may not also be able to fulfill your partner’s wishes or desires. Besides, there might also be a lot of problems and obstacles in your love life, and some misunderstandings may crop up between you and your partner. However, everything should get sorted out with time, and things can get better in your relationships at month-end. In addition, singles may encounter several casual flings this month, but no bond or romantic encounter may last long. In addition, relationships with parents, relatives, and siblings can also suffer during July 2022.

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Finance: You may do exceptionally well financially in July 2022. There can be gains from more than one source, and some might earn from more than one occupation or profession. Your business might give you profits, and your dealings can materialize in something substantial and successful. Though your expenses could be high, your income, too, can rise significantly, and you may be able to save some money now. Besides, gains from your investments and speculative activities are also possible in July. Scorpio natives may also get delighted due to the advancement of funds from an unexpected source. In addition, you may also clear your loans or interest this month. Forex trading and cryptocurrency may give you long-term profits, while long-term investments can be fruitful in this period.

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Career: There can be growth in your career with a steady income. Your work life could be stable and secure but, at times, hectic. Your respect and authority will rise in your workplace or socially. Increments and promotions are also possible for many Scorpio people in July 2022, especially for those in government jobs. Authorities and peers may also support you in your endeavors now. On the other hand, the unemployed can get a good job this month with a decent income, whereas you may thrive in your newly started work or business. Success can also be there for Scorpio natives if they work hard, keep patience, and remain punctual this month.

Business: Businesses related to textiles, cotton, and alcohol may run well this month for Scorpio natives in July 2022. The hotel, travel, and food industries could also flourish and give you excellent profits, while those who own malls and grocery stores can fetch significant gains. The import-export businesses, too, can run well. Some may get benefits from foreign lands and foreign contacts. Moreover, real-estate and property dealing work can also give you substantial profits. Additionally, those who have started their new career or business in foreign lands may thrive and succeed and prosper in foreign lands.

Professionals: Those working in the public, administrative, and banking sectors can get elevation in their career with success, increment, and promotions. Some people might do well in management jobs too. A few Scorpio natives can clear competitive exams and get government jobs this month. While engineers, doctors, writers, editors, and journalists may have tight and hectic schedules during July 2022, those working in the drugs and pharmaceutical industry can prosper and taste success. Additionally, those in the political sphere may see their popularity rising and be victorious over their opponents and competitors. However, people in advertising and marketing may have to work hard for success and money. But astrologers, painters, and writers can do well in their work and taste big success in July 2022.

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Health: The health of the family members can give you some worries in July 2022. You may also suffer from stomach upsets, stomach troubles, dehydration, blood pressure issues, and skin diseases. However, your health can get better after mid-month, and you may begin some exciting journey in life thereafter. However, expenses on medication can be high this month. Also, please be careful while driving. You may also incur minor injuries but should recover quickly. Your immunity is likely to be high, and you might recover soon from any diseases or injuries in July 2022.

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Student: Engineering, media, management, and medical students may do well in their educational pursuits and exams in July 2022. A few may succeed in higher studies and earn a scholarship in foreign lands. Foreign travel can also give you fruitful results. Scorpio students may also become meritorious in their school and college this month and do well in their examinations, tests, and interviews. A few can get admission to some highly esteemed institutions, too.

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Auspicious dates: 1, 6, 10, 14, 19,20 23, 27,28, 29,30,31

Inauspicious dates: 4,5, 9, 17, 18,21, 22,24, 26