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AstroVed Calendar 2015 Navigate the New Year with Clarity and Light

Take Charge of the Best Moments in Your Life. Your 2015 Essential Timing Calendar is Here! Time is controlled by the movement of the planets! It is actually how time is defined. Achieving success is not difficult when you do the right thing at the right time, and our 2015 Calendar is designed to be your perfect guide in this regard. We have worked earnestly to provide you the most useful Calendar, apprising you about the critical elements of time. The study of time was a premier science of ancient India, and now you can master the secrets of Vedic Time in no time at all.

Success in Life through Proper Timing

With the informative graphics and monthly pages of dates to remember, you will be able to synchronize your best days and times well in advance. 2015 AstroVed Calendars are now ready to ship! We print a limited number of copies, so please place your order now to secure your 2015 Calendar.

Timing is Everything

Timing is fundamental in Vedic Astrology. This year’s graphics have tips for several special time elements including – Rahu Time, Stars, Moon Phases, Planetary Transits, Pradosham Days, Days of the Week, Horas, Vishnupati, Mahalaya, 8th Moon, 6th Moon and 11th Moon. These are important elements for all timeline jumpers! The ‘Muhurtha’ is a timing tool used in Astrology to determine the most superior or the most beneficial time to start or stop an event – including remedies or corrective rituals. Only at the correct timing or positioning of the planets is a specific energy available. Open windows of opportunity occur during specific times. Using the correct time is like taking the direct, express train rather than the slow, multi-stop, train. Both will get you to your destination, but the direct one will get you there faster.
AstroVed Calendar 2015 – India
Navigating through Time is a special art that only the Yogis and the Siddhas knew. They passed this knowledge only to their disciples, who used this art to create fulfillment and joy in every area of their lives. When you hold the 2015 AstroVed Calendar in your hand, you will access the same knowledge in the form of a comprehensive, easy-to-use and practical tool. Our team of Vedic experts, chief astrologers, experienced designers and content specialists have worked under the supervision of Dr. Pillai to produce the 2015 Calendar that will empower you to see and experience the New Year 2015 in the best possible light. Order 2 Calendars and you will receive another Calendar absolutely FREE. That’s 3 for the price of 2. These make great gifts for family and friends.