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Career and Family Success

Changing Karma through Vedic Sciences

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Your Career Future Potentials

Why do some co-workers seem to ace their performance reviews and easily rise up corporate ranks whilebeing less intelligent or skillful than you?

While Karma is the divine law of past causes creating current happenings, it is not separate from your current thoughts, ideas about yourself, actions and inactions.The problem is that your logical mind makes conception of a 25 Lakh, 50 Lakh or 1 Crore annual salary difficult and nothing more than a whimsical fantasy. You cannot create that which you cannot conceive.

But, your karma isn’t set in stone. You can get beyond it.

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Kick Up Your Success Karma

Your Success Karma

Neuroscientists and psychologists reveal that the rational thought process is just a small fraction of the brain’s full mental capacity! It is often the current thought process that limits us and locks us into a mediocre reality.

Learn how to use the Intuitive Brain and Become “Smart On Demand”

Ramanujam, the greatest Tamil mathematician, did not credit genius to his rationalistic mind, but to the subconscious intuitive mind. In The Man who Knew Infinity we get a glimpse into the secrets of his genius.

Both Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs also credited their visionary power and clarity to something greater than the logic-process driven mind. What is this power to which they had to reconnect in order to go from ordinary to extraordinary at Facebook and Apple?

Zuckerberg and Jobs reconnected to a visionary power in the brain in order to build their empires.

Connect to the Extraordinary Part of Your Brain


How to reinvigorate the dormant neural networks of your brain to create extraordinary, powerful thoughts that makes you rise above the ordinary?

Through Vedic Sciences, this is possible.

The ancient sages had technologies to bypass planning, steps and cause (the rational mind), and give the effect directly. The quickest solutions come from the ancient, intuitive part of your brain known as the midbrain. This midbrain bypasses logic and repetitive, stuck thinking and gives you the power to instantly attract the objects and circumstances you desire.

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Lord Shiva Homa

We Help Your Brain Think Better with Vedic Rituals

Throughout our 20-year history in performing homas and Vedic rituals, we know experientially the life improvements possiblethrough the homa, as reported by the participants. Now our brain research studies are revealing how these improvements occur in the brain.

In these two EEG studies of the brain, we examined the brain of a 28 year old software professional who was promoted into business development.

  • The first graph shows his brain before and after a homa to Lord Shiva.
  • The second graph shows his brain before and after a homa to Lord Vishnu.
  • Both homas showed incredible changes in the neural activations in the brain from before and after the homa.

What is remarkable is that the areas of the brain activation dramatically differ between the two fire rituals.

In the Shiva homa, the limbic system and intuitive cerebellum (lower back of brain) had high activation. Whereas the Vishnu homa had greater neural activation in the frontal lobe (decision making) and left brain (logical, mundane) brain.

Shiva homa

We Bring you to the Source.

If you are not achieving your financial and career goals or have the relationship or health you want, going to the source of the problem and activating the right neurology of your brain is essential.

Join us for a FREE Group Satyanarayana Pooja on October 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm (IST)

We invite you, your friends and family all to participate in a Complimentary Live Webcast of our SatyaNarayan Pooja on Tuesday, October 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm (IST). Simply register the name and birth details (nakshatra) below. This is a complimentary invitation for all.

The Satyanarayan Pooja is one of the most sacred hymns to Lord Vishnu. Those who hear the power mantric japam and story telling, activate their brain neurology similar to those shown in our above Vishnu fire ritual EEG study. To gain the most from this sacred, we recommend you watch and listen a few minutes of the mantras and stories during the Live Webcast event, to gain the most changes to your money neural complex.

Career and Family Success

Enroll for Complimentary Ritual !
Experience the Karma Changing
SatyaNarayan Money Ritual Live

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