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Venus in 8th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On November 12, 2022

Venus in 8th House with Remedies:-

The 8th House in our birth chart or horoscope is all about transformation and crisis, our attitude towards problems and change, finding the solution, etc. The 8th House also represents sexuality, physical pleasure, death and rebirth, personal growth, regeneration, our partner's resources, addictions, psychology, hidden money, wills, insurance, taxes, divorce/alimony, and inheritance. Venus in the 8th House signifies sudden events in your life. It could be happy or sad. The 8th House is a House of fortune, misfortune, sudden happenings, death, and rebirth.

It denotes assets or joint assets with your husband or wife. It signifies in-laws and relationships with the in-laws. The 8th House Venus placement indicates a financially well-informed partner with adequate wealth and comfort. However, an afflicted Venus in the 8th House could make the native lazy and irresponsible. The love life, too, would be bereft of any happiness.

venus in 7th house

House Venus posited in a Kundli:-

The 8th House is the Bhava of secrecy, hidden things, thoughts, and beliefs. Venus in 8th Bhava may make you hold your secrets, driving your assets and convenience.

Your life partner will be loyal, devoted, and committed to you but may not forgive you quickly for any mistake. However, they might take extra care of your likes and dislikes, control all your assets, and take an interest in your finances. Your spouse would maintain a balance between savings and expenses and may always wish to know about each payment on your part. Your joint assets and business may grow and prosper after your marriage.

You will be interested in occult matters and may possess some healing powers. However, it can be a secret for others. If Venus is well placed in the 8th House, it may make you a healer and make people search you for harmony and peace in their life. You may also become a successful doctor or surgeon. A malefic afflicted negative Venus in the 8th House may make you an expert in black magic and tantrism.

Venus is pure love and romance. Exploiting this energy through extramarital and other illegal relationships will create repercussions and confusion in your marital life. Your attitude may also become blunt and rude, which people will not like.

Venus in the 8th House brings frustration and confusion into your life. You might start blaming your partner for your mistakes and failures. You might also doubt your spouse and may suffer from trust issues.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

The natives with Venus in their 8th House in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces sign get all the wealth and comforts in life through their life partner's efforts. Thus, they lead rich and abundant life. Besides, their partner is exceptionally well-versed in financial matters. The natives with Venus in their 8th House are lucky to get an honest partner who shares their wealth and possessions readily. They seek honesty, devotion, and passion in their love relationships, so casual encounters are not necessarily their primary goal. They get quickly bored with informal mechanical interactions. They might prefer drama and emotional surge in their relationships over anything mundane or superficial. However, they tend to become vulnerable in love and relationships. At a young age, they might control and suppress their emotions to a large extent.

The native with Venus in their 8th House encourages secrecy with partners and confinement in the public display of affection. This secrecy might lead to marital affairs, but not necessarily. It may represent your affair with your existing partner.

Venus in the 8th House in Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn, or Scorpio sign will help drive a lot of valuable assets and gains through the help of in-laws in a marriage. Venus in the eighth House represents fluctuations in love and relationships. When an unfortunate situation occurs, Venus can also make a person go into industries like the sex industry and prostitution.

Impact of Venus on 8th House of Birth Chart:-

Venus in the 8th House brings suddenness into your life. It brings favors and helps from your in-laws and spouse. This placement of Venus in 8th Bhava may make you a secretive lover. You might meet your better half at a social gathering and maintain a warm, cordial, pleasantry exchange but might be hesitant to make the 1st move and reveal your love. You may support the affair in secret. Venus in the 8th House makes the person secretive, and they keep their thoughts and feelings hidden deep within, even if their friends, families, and partners are as transparent as glass. These natives seek passion, raw emotions, and real conflict involving a dramatic resolution. This is natural as Scorpio is their ruling zodiac sign, with Mars as the ruling planet.

Positive effects of Venus in the 8th House:-

A positive unafflicted benefic Venus in the 8th House may make you maintain personal or professional secrecy. You may be committed to your spouse, and your life could be filled with romance and immense love. Your family will support you in your career, and you may attain financial growth and progress after marriage. Your speech will be attractive and soothing; this will help influence others, especially on the professional front.

Venus in the 8th House of Kundli brings wealth that may come from inheritance to you. However, there is a possibility that you may become lazy and rash. Being over-obsessed with sensual pleasures in life could lead to your downfall. The addiction to indulgence may create difficulties for you in life.

Adverse effects of Venus in the 8th House:-

A malefic afflicted negative Venus in the 8th House may make you irresponsible and lazy at a young age. You might face a lot of heartbreaks and disappointment in your romantic life and may be unable to keep up the commitment. Your speech will be harsh, to the point, confronting, and upfront, which others may not get appreciated. You may be unable to enjoy the taste of life.

The fear of being betrayed or getting cheated may be extreme in them. They can become obsessive, jealous, and possessive in their love relationship. Whenever they fall in love, they go into it wholeheartedly and need total devotion and attention in return. Passion may be a potent healing force in their life.

Besides, they may be attracted or attached to various taboos, unorthodox patterns, and hidden and forbidden things of life. In some instances, people with Venus in their 8th House might do business out of love, romance, and eroticism. There is some hidden intensity in them that others may envy or get attracted to.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Venus in the 8th House:-

Exalted Venus in the 8th House in Pisces:-

The natives with Venus in their 8th House in Pisces sign may have a high-class aristocratic lifestyle with all the comforts and luxuries. They can be intense in their relationships and seek depths in their bonds. However, they should not over-expect others and not get overtly fired by their desires.

Debilitated Venus in 8th House in Virgo:- The desires of various intensities fuel the natives with Venus in their 8th House in Virgo sign. However, this may obstruct their search for a healthy relationship. They can't get their carbon copy. Not everyone can be as preoccupied with finding the real purpose of life between love and lust. Their belief in every little thing's hidden meaning can be overbearing and exhaustive for their partners after some time, and they may not keep up with the natives.

Ascendant sign and Venus in 8th House:-

  • Venus in the 8th House of Aries Ascendant makes natives scholars, philosophers, writers, astrologers, tarot readers, occult experts, magicians, etc.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Taurus Ascendant may make natives gain wealth through in-laws, spouses, and inheritance.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Gemini Ascendant may make natives cheat their spouse through extramarital affairs, or the spouse may become disloyal.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Cancer Ascendant natives may get blessed with servants and vehicles.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Leo Ascendant may give long life and a charismatic personality. These people may also become the landlord and be satisfied with their wealth and bank balance.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Virgo Ascendant natives may get much support from their spouse and relatives. Settlement in foreign countries may bring prosperity and stability in life.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Libra Ascendant may make natives easily influenced and captivated by the opposite sex. Natives may suffer from delays, obstacles, and hindrances in their careers.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Scorpio Ascendant may make the native harsh and rustic and also trouble the native.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Sagittarius Ascendant may make a native a saint, priest, or head of a large spiritual or educational institution.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Capricorn Ascendant may give native benefits from wills, speculations, investments, insurance, and partnerships.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Aquarius Ascendant may get all the physical, sexual, and worldly comfort with financial prosperity.
  • Venus in the 8th House of Pisces Ascendant may make natives reach very high positions and become successful in life from most hopeless conditions and situations. Natives may see struggle and poverty in life but may also experience a powerful position with a lot of wealth and enjoyment.

Remedies for Venus in the 8th House:-

  • Donate sweets, sugar, food, and clothes On Friday.
  • Eat Ghee, Curd, and Sugar daily
  • Wear clean clothes daily and keep the white handkerchief clean in your pocket.
  • Wear white clothes regularly
  • Use and apply Sandalwood paste and powder on your body
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Light Camphor daily in your home.
  • Keep Yourself Well Groomed.
  • Apply perfume Daily.
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers.
  • Bath In Rose water or with Sandalwood paste powder
  • Consume White Foods with little sugar.
  • Wear a Diamond or opal on your index or middle finger.

Some special remedies for the Malefic Venus:-

Offer sweets to widowed women or little girls on Friday as it is a powerful remedy. Donating pure cow ghee to any religious place and using it regularly in your kitchen helps calm Venus' effects. You should use perfumes and silver ornaments. You could chant the Mantra of the planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily. You could also chant Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraya Namah. On Friday, one should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls Pouring white flowers in a river also helps eliminate the malefic effects of Venus.


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