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Venus in 7th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On November 12, 2022

Venus in 7th House with Remedies:-

The 7th House is a natural karaka House for Venus. The 7th Bhava is the House of agreement and partnership. Your luck probably will change for the better after your marriage. Your fortune will rise, and you might attain or acquire wealth and financial support from your in-laws and family or partnership business.

You might receive a luxurious car, a dreamy bungalow, or expensive jewels – and you will have everything after the age of 24 or after marriage. After marriage, you may enjoy affluence, high status, wealth, luxury, and pleasure. Fortune will favor you after marriage. Financial gains from business, partnership work, or through the support of the spouse are assured. Your spouse may help you in your profession or play a significant role in your career. Some people may also find their soulmate in their profession or work-related activities.

venus in 7th house

The 7th House Venus also bestows good communication skills and excellent litigation attorney skills. You will have a good convincing ability to influence and manipulate others with your point of view or opinion and win a case or dealings in your favor. You will be good at making deals with business partnerships. You can even thrive in the field of interior design and jewellery making. If malefic planets grip, conjunct, or aspects Venus, then there are chances that your spouse may die or become unhealthy early. Also, if Venus is not well-placed in your 7th House, your business relationships and marital life may get spoiled or ruined. Your authority and respect will decline, and you may become foul-mouthed and disrespectful toward others.

If Venus is afflicted or malefic in the 7th House, you might suffer from severe lower back pain and impotence or lack of physical compatibility with your spouse. You may lack mental peace in life due to constant worries about petty things, which may lead to nervousness, stress, and anxiety. You might sometimes contract venereal diseases due to unprotected intercourse or indulgence with different people. An afflicted Venus also hinders career growth and progress or delays marriage.

House Venus posited in a Kundli:-

Venus in the 7th House blesses you with a lovely personality and may make you wealthy after 24 years. The 7th Bhava is the mirror reflection of the Self. Venus in 7th Bhava might give you opportunities for exotic travels and high-class life with many physical and sexual pleasures. You will have abundant good looks, love, romance, money, fame, and luxuries in life. You will be fair and slender, with beautiful eyes and full lips, and may easily garner or attract attention from the opposite sex.

Venus in the 7th House brings complete bliss and happiness to your marriage. Your spouse will be very devoted, supportive, and caring. Your spouse may not even criticize you unless you do something awfully wrong. Your partner may belong to an affluent family and be far more wealthy than you. Your spouse may also become famous and successful in their career or profession. The natives or their spouses can be litigation attorneys, professional matchmakers, dealmakers, brokers, or interior decorators.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

You may develop sexual urges at an early age. You may get engaged with several members of the opposite sex before marriage if your Venus is in Taurus, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. The idea of love and romance will excite you, and you will have crushes and be fascinated with many people. You will be frustrated and irritated if you remain single, as you crave a love mate and bonding.

You will be a favorite with the opposite sex; They will treat you as unique and special since you will make them go crazy for you. You will have multiple affairs before settling down with one. A love marriage probably has a high chance of success in your life if Venus is in Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, or Libra sign.

You will be easy-going and flexible; will not fuss about petty things; hence, you may not indulge in heated arguments and fights. You motivate other people to maintain love and peace in family and society. If not afflicted, Venus may bless you with a great relationship; your partner will be good-looking, well-spoken, understanding, and cultured.

Impact of Venus on 7th House of Birth Chart:-

Venus, the planet of affection, also known as the "Goddess of love," is about relationships, life companions, physical pleasures, and love. When Venus occurs in the 7th House of Horoscope, it can give an extra privilege to the natives. This placement of Venus can bestow happy married life filled with affection, charm, and grace for the native. Venus in the 7th House makes people show great understanding, care, loyalty, respect, and sympathy in their relationships.

Besides that, these people are also loving, caring, intelligent, forgiving, sensitive, and gentle in their personal and professional life. Venus in the 7th House is the best suitable placement and combinations in the horoscope, and natives may experience its sound effects in their lifetime. It caters to one's relationship with all the happiness and pleasures. Venus in the 7th House usually denotes long-lasting relationships. You may taste success, or your wishes and dreams may come true after turning 27.

Positive effects of Venus in the 7th House:-

A positive unafflicted strong benefic Venus in the 7th House will give you a fantastic personality full of good looks and beauty. You may get blessed with money, fame, and a luxurious life. Love and romance will be an inborn nature to you. You will get maximum pleasure in life and can be an eminent artist with a huge fan following. You will be sensual and romantic and may even live abroad. This position also indicates happiness, social and financial gains from marriage, and success in public relations and partnerships.

Venus in the 7th House may bring eternal happiness to natives, strengthening their relationship bond. Such people with Venus in their 7th Bhava experience a blissful married life. Mutual understanding, support, and cooperation of both partners help them overcome many problems in their life. It is also noticed that natives with the 7th House placement of Venus have a solid physical and emotional bonding with their partner. They may find some easy way to cope with crises and support each other morally to help each get rid of struggle and troubles. Both partners convey their minds and internal wishes and share their moments, whether it is happy or sad. Venus in 7th House gives good-looking life partners who are known for their high-end lifestyles.

Adverse effects of Venus in the 7th House:-

A negative malefic or afflicted Venus in the 7th House may create a negative relationship with your spouse and can trigger vulnerable, confusing, and mistrustful emotions. This situation may also lead to separation from each other. Instead of love and romance, you constantly complain about each other. If Venus is aspect or conjunct between malefic planets, it may cause spouse loss.

The occurrence of malefic afflicted Venus in the 7th House of birth chart sometimes brings unfavorable circumstances in individuals' relationships. Because of their deep-seated emotions and high expectations from the spouse or partner, they make their relationship problematic, and there are chances of getting separated from each other only after a few years. Sometimes they argue too much over small, petty things, which affects their relationship incorrectly. Instead of loving each other, they may constantly complain about each other. After some time, these individuals lose interest in love and relationships and become depressed and distressed. The self-centered behavior of the natives can make their connection unstable and unreliable. These people may tend to damage their relationships and hurt their partners ceaselessly.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Venus in the 7th House:-

Exalted Venus in 7th House of Pisces:-

The influence of exalted Venus on the 7th House plays a crucial role in fostering the native's relationships. Individuals with this placement never betray each other for their interests and have deep mutual respect. Female natives with Venus in Pisces sign in the 7th House have all characteristics of becoming a good mother and wife. They show great affection when it comes to loving and caring for others. Natives with Venus in their 7th House get a spouse who is the family's backbone.

Debilitated Venus in 7th House of Virgo:-

The debilitated or afflicted results of Venus in the 7th House may lead to complicated married life, which is less trustworthy, and both are not caring and respectful to each other's emotions. Malefic and weak Venus in the 7th House can cause a lack of understanding, care, and trust in marital life, and you may lose respect for your spouse. It can be possible that you may not find your desired partner.

Ascendant sign and Venus in 7th House:-

  • Venus in the 7th House of Aries Ascendant makes natives succeed in love, marriage, and self-employment. Your business may bring significant gains, and a native may become a famous artist. An arranged marriage may also convey happiness, comfort, and satisfaction.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Taurus Ascendant brings happiness from marriage and many sexual pleasures from the opposite gender before marriage. Love marriage will be successful. Married life will be peaceful.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Gemini Ascendant may bring a spouse from a wealthy family. Your income and prosperity may rise after marriage. Success in partnership work or business is assured. Trade business may fetch significant gains.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Cancer Ascendant may make you wealthy, fortunate, prosperous, happy, and a famous artist or social media influencer. Some people may become prominent new anchors, broadcasters, or journalists.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Leo Ascendant may make natives victorious in legal matters and bless them with abundant wealth and properties. Success in politics, banking, diplomacy, and embassy work is assured. You may also become a successful writer or teacher.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Virgo Ascendant brings success and stability to foreign lands. Success in both job and business is possible. Travel may give fruitful results. Your spouse may come from different backgrounds but will be devoted.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Libra Ascendant may bring fortune and fame to your life after marriage. Natives may gain money from an inheritance or their in-laws and life partners. One may become popular and wealthy after marriage. Your spouse may become your guide and motivator.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Scorpio Ascendant may give you a good-looking, magnetic, attractive spouse. Early marriage may bring some problems. Although, your married life will be harmonious. The spouse may come from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Sagittarius Ascendant may bring honors and success through government jobs and services. Success in foreign countries is also possible. Your luck may shine after the age of 29. The family business will see growth.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Capricorn Ascendant may give you success in glamour, fashion, design, and entertainment profession. Some may become successful in sports as well. Some people may do well in the accounts, banking, and finance sector.
  • Venus in the 7th House of Aquarius Ascendant may make you a good singer, actor, musician, producer, director, writer, comedian, theatre artist, dram writer, motivational speaker, storyteller, etc. You may also become a famous travel blogger, food blogger, or social media influencer.
  • Venus in the 7th House in Pisces Ascendant may give you several ups and downs in life. You may become a successful artist, writer, or painter. Success through the marketing and advertising field is assured. Help from the spouse in business will make you prosper.

Remedies for Venus in the 7th House:-

  • Donate sweets, sugar, food, and clothes On Friday.
  • Eat Ghee, Curd, and Sugar daily
  • Wear clean clothes daily and keep the white handkerchief clean in your pocket.
  • Wear white clothes regularly
  • Use and apply Sandalwood paste and powder on your body
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Light Camphor daily in your home.
  • Keep Yourself Well Groomed.
  • Apply perfume Daily.
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers.
  • Bath In Rose water or with Sandalwood paste powder
  • Consume White Foods with little sugar.
  • Wear a Diamond or opal on your index or middle finger.

Some special remedies for the Malefic Venus:-

  • Offer sweets to widowed women or little girls on Friday as it is a powerful remedy.
  • Donating pure cow ghee to any religious place and using it regularly in your kitchen helps calm Venus' effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the Mantra of the planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily.
  • You could also chant Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraya Namah.
  • On Friday, one should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls
  • Pouring white flowers in a river also helps eliminate the malefic effects of Venus.


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