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Swati Nakshatra

On March 25, 2015

About Swati

Swati nakshatra is the fifteenth independent nakshatra spanning across the zodiac sign of Libra. The astronomical name for the star is Arcturus or Alpha Bootis. It is the third brightest nakshatra in the sky at night. The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Vayu, the wind – God. The ruling planet of this asterism is Rahu.

It is symbolized by a blade of grass blowing in the wind and this represents independence, fragility, and delicacy. The nakshatra is associated with air, wind and breeze. The Vedic Seers consider this nakshatra as an abode of Goddess Saraswati. She is worshipped to overcome the afflictions caused by this nakshatra.


Power to cleanse Nakshatra Swati has the power called 'Pradhvamsa Shakti ` - meaning power to disperse – to scatter like a wind -elimination of negativity. Sage Marichi, one of the celestial sages is associated with this nakshatra.

Planet Saturn, the planet of service reaches maximum exaltation in this nakshatra. Thereby, those with this nakshatra are able to render unconditional and selfless service with loyalty.

Moon in Swati – Positive Traits

Those with Moon in Swati are "pleasant in speech, self-controlled and compassionate``. They also possess positive qualities like intelligence, extreme strength, morality, strong sense of ethics, moderation, fairness and loyalty.

They have a strong desire to be independent in all areas of life. They like meeting new people and are good in business due to the influence of Rahu. They know how to make a bad situation turn to their advantage.

They are flexible with an ability to bend like a wind to counter changing situations. They are friendly by nature, possess good self-worth, highly knowledgeable and humorous. They have a strong sense of balance and harmony.

Moon in Swati – Negative Traits

They are restless and suffer from extreme procrastination and often comes across as people with adamant nature. These natives will not bear any criticism and tend to get angry soon. They never fail to seek revenge on those who have hurt them. They can also be ruthless at times.


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