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Sun Transit in Scorpio (16 November 2021): Effects and Results On 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun will be transiting in Scorpio sign from 16th November to 15th December 2021. This transit of Sun will bring deep knowledge and success in higher education and research activities. Those who are scientist, psychologists, or work in weather forecast department will have good time in their career. Students will do well in their higher education and learning programs. People in occult field, spiritual work field or in the field of Astrology will gain popularity, success and wealth this time. Some people may also get wealth through inheritance as well.
Here Sin will be joining Ketu in Scorpio sign causing in auspicious yoga and graham yoga which can impart negative results on domestic harmony and health in your family especially father or elderly figure in family.

sun transit in scorpio

Effects and Results of Sun transit in Scorpio on different Zodiac Sign:-


Sun as 5th lord in 8th house will give success in science and research field especially for Students. Aries natives will also do well in medical field. Some people may also get wealth and property through inheritance. Health may cause problems for some. Teachers will also do well in their professions.


Sun as 4th lord in 7th house for Taurus natives will give success in love marriage. You may get married to your love partner. Personal and professional life will run well with happiness. Income will be good from your service and business. Health will be fine and domestic happiness will be there. Although, health problems for spouse can become your concern.


Sun as 3rd lord transit in 6th house will gives success in competitive sports and competitive examinations for government job. Some unemployed people may get very lucrative job offer. Any litigation issues will go in your favour. Politicians and teachers will also do well.


Sun as 2nd lord transiting in your 5th house will give success in all of your endeavours. You may earn money from multiple sources. Students will do well in their education. Those who are in sports field, artistic field or in any kind of creative work will see growth, popularity, success and wealth in their life during this time.


Sun as 1st lord transit in your 4th house will give you materialistic comfort and happiness. This is a good time for actors and politicians. Gains from property related business is there. Although, there can be health issues in family but there will domestic happiness and marital bliss in your life.


Sun as 12th lord transit in your 3rd house will give you success after hard work and struggle. You may face some issues regarding higher education or travelling in foreign lands. Gains through employment in foreign country will be there. Those who are in sports will shine in profession.


Sun as 11th lord transit in your 2nd house will give ample opportunities to accumulate and save wealth in big amount dear Libra natives. You will see growth and happiness in your personal and professional life with good health.


Sun transiting in your own 1st house as 10th lord will give you good success and popularity through your work and occupation. Your respect and status will rise. Your health will be fine and income will be good.


Sun transiting in your 12th house as 9th lord will provide you very promising opportunity to get employed and settle abroad or in distant place from your birth land. Your fortune will shine in foreign country and your income will rise as well with improvement in your lifestyle.
Capricorn:- Sun transiting in your 11th house can give you unexpected gains and materialistic prosperity. You may get wealth and property from your relatives. Your contacts will rise and so is your income.


Sun transiting in your 10th house as 7th lord will give you good opportunity to accumulate wealth from multiple sources. Your income and savings will rise. Success in love affair and marriage will be there. There can be some growth, promotion and increment in your occupation.


Sun transit in your 9th house will give you success in higher education. Your father will do well financially as well. Some people may also get employed and settle in foreign country . Success in foreign land is assured with good earning. You income will be good.