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Sun Transit in Capricorn (14 January 2022) Effects And Remedies

The sun will transit into the Capricorn sign on January 14th, 2022, for 30 days. This transit of the Sun in the Capricorn sign will bring subtle changes in the routine, mundane life of all individuals. People will become more focused and hard-working during this one-month phase. The transit of the Sun will impart mixed results for most people of all Zodiac signs. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn.

Capricorn is an earthy sign, and the Sun is not fully strong or comfortable in this sign as Capricorn is owned by the Sun’s enemy planet – Saturn. The Sun’s transit in Capricorn sign will make people healthy, but much hard work and patience will be needed to accomplish success. Sun is the source of life, happiness, success, and power as per Vedic astrology. Saturn is the hard taskmaster who rules over karma, delays results, and punishes dishonest people. So, the Sun will not imply its command or demonstrate power in this sign. Thus, Sun may illuminate endurance and capacity to perform hard, strenuous tasks to people, especially in their career, to succeed and prosper in life.

sun transit in capricorn 2022

Some people may become pessimistic as the Sun is not amiable or comfortable in the Capricorn sign. Sun transit in Capricorn has caused mass movements like last year in India after January 14th, 2021, popularly known as the farmer struggle movement. As, Sun represents government and Saturn represents the masses, both become very critical of each other.

Sun will be transiting in stars of Uttarashada, Shravana, and Dhanishta during its transit in Capricorn. Hence, Sun will provide better results in the Uttarashada constellation than the other two during its transit in Capricorn.

Sun Transit in Capricorn 2022 Remedies:-

Here are some remedies that may help during Sun’s transit in Capricorn:

●Give water to the rising sun daily.
●Install Sun energized yantra at home for success and wealth.
●Participate in Sun fire lab homa to progress in your career.
●Do Sun pooja to get growth and promotion in your career.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on all 12 Zodiac signs:-


Sun transits into your 10th house – you will succeed in your career after a struggle, sadness, and hard work. Success in politics or government job is possible.


Sun transits into your 9th house – it will give success to your father or wealth through your father. Success in a foreign country is also possible.


Sun transits into your 8th house – it will give you success in the occult field and astrology. Students in the research field may see good progress.


Sun transits into your 7th house – it may provide success in business or self-employment. Married life may be affected.


Sun transits into your 6th house – it can impart wins in competitions, over enemies, in court cases, or litigation issues. One may get famous in the sports field or the police force.


Sun transits into your 5th house – it gives success in artistic and creative pursuits after a patient and dedicated effort. Happiness from progeny will be there.


Sun transits into your 4th house – it will give financial prosperity, still you may have a hectic and chaotic work life and domestic life.


Sun transits into your 3rd house – it will give success and popularity through media, marketing, and other communicative fields.


Sun transit into your 2nd house – it can give you affluence, and there will be a good low of liquid money.


Sun transits into your 1st house – it can give you setbacks socially, but your status and reputation can get enhanced through struggle, and you can bring change, reforms, and transformation in society.


Sun transits into your 12th house – it can give a setback in business but you can see success in job and services. Settling in foreign nations is also possible for the time being.


Sun transits into your 11th house – it can give you ample wealth, progress, affluence, and influential contacts in a short period.