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Secrets of Prasna Astrology

DateMarch 24, 2014

Prashna or Prasna Astrology, as the name suggests, is the astrological study made about a person based on the Questions a person asks.

What questions or Prasna you can put forward to a Prasna astrologer? Can you ask questions like:

Will I become rich?

Will I have a happy married life?

Will my parents/spouse enjoy good health?

Secrets of Prasna Astrology

Well, such questions are not answered in Prasna or Horary Astrology. This branch of Hindu traditional astrology is different from Natal chart astrological reading and prediction. In this astrology, the moment of consultation is of utmost importance – A person who is asking question or the Querent, approaches the astrologer to seek solution for a problem that has arisen out of a particular situation in his or her life. This indicative situation can be inferred by the astrologer in the chart he creates for the querent. Therefore, this art of providing solution by fore-seeing events in a person’s life is based on the position of all the planets at the moment when the person asks the questions.

It is an occult science that is capable of very accurate predictions provided appropriate conditions are fulfilled.

Under what conditions you are likely to take up Prasna consultation:

• If you doubt the correctness of your horoscope or date of birth.
• If you are not able to choose the path or solution best suited for you under a particular situation in your life.

Sages of ancient India have written texts on Horary Astrology stating the fundamental principles of consultation and derivation of the truth as accurately as possible. Modern astrologers refer to the works of Varahamihira, Kalidasa and others to maintain the sanctity of the ways through which astrologers offer their predictions. Such works provide guidance about how a Querent and an Astrologer should interact with each other:

Horary astrology chart is different from Natal astrology: The chart is created by the astrologer based on the moment of judgement and planetary positions at the date and time of reading. After creating the chart, astrologer looks into the 10 conditions of the planets. Interpretation of this astrology is very different form that of Natal astrology.

Significance of the meeting to seek solution: The Querent should approach the astrologer with an inner urge to find the answer to his or her problem. Yet the querent should put forward the question with a calm and meditative mind. A question placed with better understanding and clarity will help the astrologer figure out the chart clearly. And then the astrologer tries to feel the vibrations of configuration shown by the planets in the chart. Ideally, both the querent and the astrologer should think of the planets with reverence before beginning a consultation.

Querent should have a sincere mind and an honest question: Only if the question is very clear the querent will receive an accurate answer. An astrologer can easily see through the mind of the querent: Benefic planets in the Ascendant sign will reveal the intention of the question and Malefic planets in the Lagna, and Lord of 7th House will indicate whether it is an honest question.

The type of questions you can ask as a Querent:

  • How will I perform in the examination or interview?
  • Shall I build my house on the sea beach?
  • I am going on an official trip to Australia, will the project take off successfully?
  • I have been advised to undergo a surgery, will it cure my health?
  • Can I file a legal suit against my business partner for misappropriation of funds?

Practicing Prasna astrologers can help you with queries such as, the nature of a journey you are to undertake, whether the disease can be cured, whether a person will return to you, which person to marry, will you have victory over your enemy, how many children you will have, time of rain or nature of harvest, details about a theft and specifications of person such as a person’s taste, dreams and so on.


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