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Rediscover Love on Janmashtami

DateAugust 4, 2016

This year Lord Krishna’s birthday, known as Janmashtami, falls on August 25, 2016. When Krishna took birth, the entire world is said to have vibrated with auspiciousness, beauty, and peace. Saints, Brahmanas, Siddhas, and the tribes of heavenly beings called Kinnaras and Gandharvas experienced a sudden bliss and joy in their hearts. Janmashtami is the day to celebrate the divine mercy in the form of ecstatic bliss that Krishna imparts on the world. It is also a day when you can embrace the concept of living your life from the heart and a place of love.

To experience bliss in your heart, visualize Krishna in blue radiance and chant the great mantra:

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”


Krishna is beyond what human senses can perceive

Mahat-Tattva, also known as Pure Consciousness or undivided cosmic energy, gets distributed when various physical forms in nature come into existence. The sum-total effect of Mahat-Tattva cannot be realized by normal human senses. The same is true for Krishna.

Krishna is most known for showing his universal aspect to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata. As one of the world’s greatest Vedic texts – the Bhagavad Geeta – mentions, Krishna had to appear as the cosmic man, the phenomenon known as Vishwaroopa Darshan. In this way, humans could experience interacting with him on the Earth plane and receive his divine instructions.

Krishna was born to kill demons on this Earth

Once, Mother Earth took the form of a cow and requested Lord Brahma to rescue her from being ravaged by incessant wars created by demonic kings. Upon her request, Brahma and Shiva asked Vishnu to find a solution, whereafter, Vishnu incarnated on Earth as Krishna.

Krishna grew up in the cowherd community of Gokula in the household of Nanda Maharaja. The Srimad Bhagavatam relates that he was born to prevent all catastrophes in Gokula, spread auspiciousness and engulf the men and women of the cowherd community with bliss and happiness. From a very young age, Krishna had surprised his community by performing incredible feats, like sucking the life from of a demoness named Putana, killing the venomous snake Kaliya, lifting Govardhana Hill with his finger, killing demons like Bakasura, Trinavarta, Pralamba, and so on. Subjects of Nanda Maharaja loved relating to how his son protected them from all dangers while bringing them transcendental bliss. Krishna was then known as the invincible one, and you can call on him when you are threatened by anyone or anything.

Krishna’s life is full of fun and games

Krishna, also known as Bala Gopala, was a pleasure for the cowherd families. As a little boy, he would get into all sorts of possible mischiefs, yet would fill their hearts with transcendental love in the process. He would sneak into their homes, steal milk, butter and curd from their stores to eat and distribute it all among his friends, and if anyone dared to disappoint him, he would not leave the place without finding some prey for his mischief. It was all in good fun, laughter, sport and happiness, which filled the atmosphere on the trails of the young naughty young Krishna.


Krishna, playing his flute with Radha by his side, glorified love

The divine melody from the handsome and youthful Krishna’s flute drew animals and humans alike to him in scores. They would be mesmerized by enchanting sound. During the Ras Leela, Krishna’s famous Dance of Ecstasy, he beckoned Radha and other cowherd girls and danced with them under the moon. Even just hearing about Krishna’s pastimes allow us all to blossom and expand in love, and learn to embrace a cosmic world full of possibilities and transcendental bliss.

Astrological significance of the day

On this day, the Moon will be in the star Rohini, which is ruled by the Moon in the zodiac sign Taurus (a sign ruled by Venus). The Moon will be exalted, receiving the influence of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, which are the energies for spiritual growth. Also, Mars brings the energy to win over any situation. On this very day, the sign lord Venus enters the Virgo (though Venus loses its power in this sign) and comes into association with an exalted Mercury (also the ruler of the sign) creating the energy of Lakshmi and Vishnu, forming an auspicious Yoga. The energy of Rohini symbolizes “the growing one,” the material and spiritual growth whose final goal is moksha.

Janmashtami is a divine day where you can awaken your mind, expand your heart with energy, and cultivate your own personal devotion towards Krishna. Through devotion, you can see your relationships, passions, and pursuits flourish in ecstatic joy therein.

Happy Janmashtami!


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