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Monthly Forecast for August 2015

DateJuly 20, 2015

How are the planets going to influence your career, health, money and relationships in the next 30 days? Here are some general predictions for the 12 Moon signs:-

Aries: You will be energetic in your personal life and find marital bliss. Financial fulfillments will bring great pleasure and satisfaction. You may also have sudden financial gains. New plans of action at work place would provide a solution much awaited for a work that had been stuck for a long time. Business people will have major profits on finishing certain projects and develop a good network through their skills of communication. Concerning health, you may have deficiency of iron and calcium in your body but try to keep healthy with regular routine of exercises.

Taurus: You need to have a practical approach and prioritize your works. You should increase your confidence to handle additional responsibilities. Love life will be smooth and you will find happiness in certain romantic situations. You will gain financially through speculation. You will work with dedication and will be ready to take additional responsibilities that may come during this period. Business officials will have to put in sincere efforts. You may have to travel for a major project. This month work load will keep you busy in activities. You will participate in training programs to learn certain helpful management techniques. Approvals for long-distance travels will come with hard efforts. Health will be supportive in all aspects.


Gemini: You will be successful in fulfilling your needs in personal as well as professional life. This is a time when couples will enjoy marital bliss. You will tend to be especially nice with your partner and enjoy romantic bliss. You will find a new source of earning that would last for long term period. You will find career that is good for your knowledge and experience. Business entrepreneurs will have hectic schedules due to their commitments in projects. Your professional efficiency will increase to the maximum to meet requirements in work area. Your superiors will empower you to take crucial decisions in projects. Health will be supportive with no complications.

Cancer: You will fulfill your personal needs. Everything will be in your control but at the same time you have to handle the situation smartly. Personal relation with kinsfolk will be good and enhance your image. Marital bliss will exist and you will be motivated to act upon your decisions. Being hopeful will help you improve finances to your desired expectations this month. Perspective plans for long term investments will work accurately. Increase in your responsibilities will bring recognition to your current designation. This month, business people will find new opportunities. Surprisingly, your actions taken in the past will bear fruit. Health will be good this month.

Leo: You will be happy planning long-term activities. You will grow in your profession. Your dedication and support to the organization you are working for will bring success. You will have comfortable time with spouse in respect to relationship and understanding. You may get engaged to your love partner. Your reputation in work area will increase. You will plan to take up some challenging assignments that will make your subordinates enthusiastic. You will have comfortable growth through all your assignments. You will be required to travel for finalizing a deal and it will work out smoothly. Management will be pleased with your dedication in work. Regarding your health, regular diet and exercises will begin to show its impact.

Virgo: Your personality will receive attention. Impressive acts in work area will bring you success. You will have marital bliss and there will be hardly any issues to be dealt with. You will participate in social functions that will enhance your honor. Substantial initiatives will be required to improve finance to a desired level. Your clear intention to enter into speculation will be supported. You will have support of subordinates as well as mutual understanding with superiors, and this will be beneficial for future prospects. Your service will be recognized. Health will be good with increase in immunity.

Libra: Your decisions in work area will get you noticed by your superiors. Auspicious functions will be performed with your direct interaction. You will find bliss in conjugal relationship. There will be an opportunity to take up responsibilities that you had long desired. Financially you will achieve status desired by you. Friendship with high society friends will be supported during this time. Employment opportunities, for which you had been waiting from long time, will knock on your door. Businessmen will find opportunities to interact with successful professionals for improving their network. There will be a quick accomplishment of all works assigned to you. Health will be good.

Scorpio: You will be quite supportive towards your spouse and you will have good interaction. Career developments will be average but your productive thoughts will be appreciated by the management of your company. There will be frequent travels during the period which will bring new opportunities, and also some physical discomforts. Your progress will be completely based on your commitments in work. You will find a source that will bring income on a regular basis. Health will be average.

Sagittarius: Your own actions will bring fantastic results. You will invest towards acquiring fixed assets. Your productive measures in work will help you befriend people higher in position. Conjugal bliss will be fruitful and you will find your partner supportive of your actions. You will have expenses towards luxuries to keep yourself trendy and fashionable in social circles. Try to have a cordial relationship with your subordinates which will be helpful in the long run. Business entrepreneurs will work sincerely succeed in joint ventures. Efforts of associates and partners will be satisfactory. You will remain in pink of health.

Capricorn: Your sincere efforts will bring good results though enjoyment of its fruits may get slightly delayed. You will be interested in travelling to distant places. This is going to be a favorable month for conjugal bliss. You will be respected in the family due to your responsibilities. You will be able to fine tune your finances to your requirement. Career developments will be good. There will be a new opportunity suitable for your scope of work. Business people will be successful with their long-term plans. Your affectionate actions will bring desirable profits that too in a systematic way. Decisions of the management will bring satisfaction. You will be inclined to follow strict administrative rules and instruct your subordinates. Health will be good.

Aquarius: Your attentiveness in activities will bring you all-around success. You will take up additional responsibilities in personal life. This month you will have romantic time with your spouse. There will be some additional travel programs with spouse to historic places. Your commitment will help you procure money for your requirements. Your ability for multitasking will add extra resource to your earnings. Agreeing to any proposal for selling your old property will work out well. It is the best time for your career. After working as an apprentice, you will be a regular employee of the organization. As a business professional, you will get new approvals from clients to initiate actions for major projects. In your profession, you will be involved in a major long-term project. Positive behavior in work area will keep in good stead. Health progress will be fine this month too with your strict diet.

Pisces: You will have additional responsibilities of work but you must prioritize them. This is a good time to enjoy marital comforts with spouse. Your interactions in family affairs and handling responsibilities will be appreciated. This is a time to control all lavish expenditures. Your success in work area will be average. One assignment will take additional time apart from your regular routine. As business entrepreneurs, you will have to decide on standard principles to make things done appropriately. Attending seminar related to your business will prove effective. Higher officials will appreciate your proposals for new works. Travel to a distant place may materialize. Health prospects will be quite encouraging.


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