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Money Astrology & Money Horoscope

DateSeptember 13, 2011

Money Astrology or Financial Astrology is a great technique to reduce your financial stress and tension as Money Horoscope can inform you about your favorable and unfavorable times to make more money and when your financial struggles will be over.

Financial difficulty can be the cause of tremendous tension and stress in life; moreover, our lives can become excessively occupied by the hunt for money to help and continue in the race for subsistence. This is the juncture where Money Astrology or Financial Astrology can help you deeply.

Money Astrology can help you know when you need to pay that extra attention to your finances, to pull in the spending reins, so that you aren’t caught with a mound of cash bills and left short on cash. Money astrology, with the help of money horoscope helps to deal with financial problems and financial status of an individual by deciphering the meaning of each planetary position and their relation with finances.

Money Astrology & Houses

Money Astrology or Financial Astrology can help you find what your financial year ahead has in store for you by analyzing your planetary positions and the 2nd, 6th and 11th houses. Jupiter and Venus are the planets that are generally connected with finances and the specific houses will make you aware of: –

  • The 2nd house – reveals all sorts of income
  • The 6th house – tells whether you will receive money from others or not
  • The 11th house – indicates profits and gains

As the world continues to whimper in pain due to the global financial crisis, it is opportune for an individual to desire for financial prosperity. Money Astrology can help you achieve your dreams come true and to get rid of financial stress, with the help of your detailed month to month financial forecast, which will give you a crisp and clear idea on what to expect for the next 12 months.

Our expert Vedic financial pundits will analyze your financial status including what income you will gain from, what expenses you will incur and also their sources. Our financial forecast also includes suggestions for mantras, yantras and powerful remedies.


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