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Mercury Transit in Scorpio (21 November 2021): Impact of Mercury transit on 12 Zodiac sign

DateNovember 15, 2021

Mercury will be transiting in Scorpio sign from 21st November 2021 to 10th December 2021. It’s impact will be usually negative for most Zodiac sign people but those who are occult field Astrology field or teaching field will have some gains. Scorpio sign also denotes common sense and psychology. So people may not use their common sense properly to complete their work. Those who are psychologist will have good time in their profession. Some may listen to their inner voice and can gain wisdom. Few will go through the phase of transformation and achieve success through their inner voice.
Sun will be also transiting in Scorpio may give sudden luck, growth and success to some people especially to those in artistic fields. Also, in addition Ketu will be transiting with Mercury and Sun will cause delay and struggle to complete important task and achieve desirable results in career. Talk to Astrologer now to know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.

mercury transit in scorpio 2021

Impact of Mercury transit In Scorpio on various Zodiac sign:


Aries people will have gains in profession like teaching, medical care, occult science, meditation, Astrology etc. Few losses through investments or in business is possible. Income will be decent but expenses will be high.


Taurus people will develop god connection with their partners. Singles, may find someone exciting and enticing. Students will shine in competition. Business will run well for Taurus natives. There will be growth in career for short period of time.


Gemini natives will shine in their profession from mid- November to mid- December. Unemployed people will get good job. Some even mat attain high position in government service to clearing competitive exams and interview. Although, there will be financial struggle and disharmony in personal life.


Cancer natives people may shine artistic or in teaching field during this time. Some people will get success in higher education as well. Your love life will give you happiness. Single may find their right match. Fortune will favour you. Income may increase as well.


Leo natives will have celebration at home but some kind of health issues in family may give you tension as well. Chances of increment, growth , promotion in your occupation is possible. Income will be good but expenses will be high. Friends and relatives may give you financial assistance.


Virgo natives will struggle hard in their career and studies. Some people may get good success in media and communication field. Some people will get creative success as well. You may improve your daily routine and life style as well.


Libra natives may shine in Astrology and occult field. Some people may get artistic success through writing, acting, painting. Your income and savings will rise. Some people may get political success as well. Your spouse may help you financially or professionally.


Scorpio natives will be happy during this time. Your overall status and respect will rise at your work place or in society. Independent work or self -employment may lead you to success and popularity. Some people may become social media influencer as well. You will be happy and satisfied with life from mid-November to mid-December 2021.


Success through travel is quite possible. Gains from foreign land or settlement in foreign land is looking bright for you. Some people may get employed in foreign country. Those who are in spiritual or medical field will earn success, respect and prosperity.


Capricorn natives may earn from more than one sources business will be profitable but there will be problems in your love and domestic life. Some people might change their jb or occupation as well. Newly set up business will run well. Their will be professional satisfaction but distress in personal and domestic life.


Success in politics or in artistic field will be there for Aquarius natives. Some people may get support from their peers and higher ups. There will be chance of increment and promotion as well. Few people will enjoy their love and married life as well. Professional life will see growth and prosperity.


Some auspicious religious function may happen at your home dear Pisces. Success in foreign country looks promising. Success in higher education is assured. Some people might achieve name and fame in media industry, advertising world or in sports field. Personal and professional life will be satisfactory.


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