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Mercury Transit in Capricorn (29 December 2021)

Mercury will start transiting in Capricorn sign from 29th December 2021 till 6th March 2022. During these big 65 days of Mercury transit in Capricorn sign, Mercury will be combust and powerless in most days but it will give result according to other planets. Mercury will be transiting in Capricorn sign till 6th March 2022 with Saturn. Saturn is a friendly planet to Mercury. So, Mercury results will be generally auspicious for many people. But aspect of Rahu may cause delay, dejection and struggle at work initially. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the impact of Mercury Transit in Capricorn.

Mercury will be retrograde in January 2022 but due conjunction of Saturn and Sun with Mercury during January-February, many people will get success, popularity and growth in their career. Many natives will excel in their occupation. Those who are in the field of engineering, media, marketing will get all kinds of growth, success and popularity through their occupation.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn (29 December 2021)

Impact and effects of Mercury transit in Capricorn sign for All 12 Zodiac sign:-

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Aries:-

Mercury transit in your 10th house will make you serious about your work and career. Due to impact of Saturn and Sun with Mercury, Aries natives will prioritize their work over anything in initial months of 2022. You may get popularity through your work and occupation. Income will improve as well.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Taurus:-

Mercury will be transiting in your 9th house will make you luck and wealthy in coming months. Your important work will get completed. Success in higher education will be there. Some people may get success in education or occupation in foreign country as well. Love life ad family life will be peaceful and happy as well.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Gemini:-

Gemini natives will see difficulties and downfall in their profession during initial months of 2022. Some people may also suffer from scarcity of money. There can be clashes and altercations in your romantic and domestic life. Your popularity and respect may decrease in society or at work place.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Cancer:-

Cancer natives will be happy and successful during initial months of 2022. Financial prosperity will be there. Some people may fall in love with their ideal partner and some may convert their romance into marriage in 2022. Cancer natives will be happy and there will be lot of celebration within family. Success and auspicious activities will surround your life during initial days of 2022.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Leo:-

Mercury will be transiting in your 6th house may bring success after struggle and dejection during initial days of 2022 for you dear Leo natives. You may become victorious in your court cases but tensions and hectic schedule will ruin your happiness and peace in life. Income will be good but expenses will be high. Although, there will be good growth in your career.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Virgo:-

Mercury in Capricorn sign in your 5th house will give success and happiness in your love affairs. Any creative work will fetch you money and popularity, Some may get success in entertainment and advertising industry as well. Acting, modelling , designing career will give you success and wealth for Virgo natives during initial months of 2022.Some may also get success through electronic media and social media.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Libra:-

Libra natives will get mixed results during initial months of 2022. Sun, Mercury and Saturn impacting your 4th house will give some success and some troubles in your personal and professional life. Your income will be decent but workload will be hectic. There will be differences in your love and family life as well. Your enemies or competitors will try to harm you.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Scorpio:-

Scorpio natives will have good time in their occupation and learning . Those who are learning new craft or skills will get success and happiness due to success in their work. Those who are in sports or teaching profession will get promotion or hike in their income. Mercury transit in your 3rd house can give popularity to some people through media , marketing and writing.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Sagittarius:-

Mercury transit in 2nd house for Sagittarius natives will bring luck and wealth in abundance. Income and savings will be high and you will lead comfortable and luxurious life during initial months of 2022. There will be gains from multiple sources. Family life and love life will be happy. There will be celebrations in your family as well.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Capricorn:-

Mercury transit in 1st house of Capricorn sign with Saturn will give success after hard work. Self-employment and business will give success and wealth in abundance after putting extra effort. Health will be good but some minor health issues will be there in family. Wishes will be fulfilled and you may become ambitious and focus during 2022.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Aquarius:-

Aquarius natives will be happy during long travel journeys. Travel in foreign country will bring rewards and gains. Some wishes may get fulfilled after some delay and struggle. Patience will be key to your success dear Aquarius. Mercury transiting in your 12th house will give success in software engineering and online work. Some people may attain fame through their writing and other creative endeavours.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn – Pisces:-

Pisces natives will be happy and wealthy during initial months of 2022. Some of their wishes will get fulfilled. There will be increase in your respect at work Place. Many people may get increment and promotion as well. Mercury transit in your 11th house with Saturn will give you money and success with increment and promotion in your occupation. Overall, a happy and rewarding period for you.