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Ketu In 5th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

On September 15, 2022

Ketu in the 5th House can give secret clandestine affairs, and a person can be involved in abortion. Ketu in 5th House gives success in the medical and research fields. Natives may acquire money through speculations, gaming, and investments. These natives may win a jackpot or lottery in their life. The placement of Ketu in the 5th House causes a delay in marriage and childbirth. Ketu in the 5th House provides high intuitive power. Ketu in 5th House gives hardship in childhood and several responsibilities at a young age. Native may become wealthy after 28 years of age. The native should do business instead of jobs to acquire high status in life. Native may suffer from regular fever, colds, and coughs in life.

House Posited Meaning:-

Ketu in the 5th House will give a philosophical bent of mind to the native. Natives can become fluent in speaking multiple foreign languages. This placement of Ketu also increases one's inclination towards matters concerning religion and spirituality. The person also has an affinity for indulging in research. Ketu in the 5th House also gives knowledge of occult sciences and, in some cases, black magic. Ketu with Jupiter gives an inclination towards spirituality. Although, people will have materialistic comfort and will be wealthy. Sometimes, these natives may not get their desired life partner. However, domestic life will be overall peaceful. Sensuality and romance will be there in life at an early age. Although, the person will suffer from sudden heartbreak, cheating, or disloyalty from their partner in the relationship.

Ketu in 3rd house

Ketu in 5th House Impact:-

Ketu in 5th House makes a person and gives the ability to grasp everything quickly and learn new things in a quick time. The person will have an artistic bent of mind with refined taste in music, painting, singing, dancing, and acting. Native can do well in fine arts as well as in performing arts. Although these natives may struggle to achieve their ambitions and desires in life. Ketu in 5th House may make natives get attracted towards occult science Astrology, and they can learn many languages. Also, they do possess sharp communication skills. Gains through speculation and success in a sports career are possible.

Ketu in 5th House Positive:

A person may become well versed in different languages and can settle in foreign countries. Foreign travel will bring fruitful results. Ketu in 5th House can give multiple talents and unique creative abilities in life. It provides power over the masses and commands communication, dialect, and commentary. A person can become an excellent teacher, astrologer, coach, guide, philosopher, sociologist, researcher, painter, and writer. Native may become very affluent and successful in life. The native will be fluent in his diction and communication. Ketu in the 5th House bestows knowledge about yoga, meditation, spirituality, astrology, healing, etc. Natives will wander alone, and their love for travel can give them success as travel bloggers and social media influencers. Business related to publishing and printing press may make you wealthy. There will be spiritual advancement in life after the age of 50. However, you enjoy your wealth, comfort, and worldly pleasures. Your status and wealth will rise after the age of 44.

Ketu in 5th House Negative:-

Ketu in the 5th House of the birth chart makes the person's progeny unhealthy and can cause a break in their education. Native progeny will have to struggle hard to succeed in life. This placement of Ketu in the 5th bhava can make the person immoral, over-emotional, and highly sensual. A person may suffer from emotional dissatisfaction and sorrowful love or married life. Stay away from water and adventure sports as there can be some accidents or chances of drowning. The 5th House posited Ketu makes a person arrogant, jealous, impractical, proud, timid, and over-talkative. The spouse may die early or lack physical attraction towards the spouse. There can be a problem in conceiving or having a child in life. Few natives may suffer from miscarriage. A person may face stomach, liver, and digestive problems. There could be chances of getting injured due to a fall. The person may not get genuine appreciation or desired love and care from their spouse or partner.

Ketu in 5th House & Your Ascendant:-

If Ketu in 5th House sits in Ashwini, Moola or Revati constellation enhances consciousness and spiritual level of a person. Also, Ketu in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Pisces sign in the 5th House makes on wealthy. Although it can cause emotional turmoil in life in water signs. Ketu in 5th House in Taurus, Libra, Aquarius Ascendant gives immense suffering. Ketu in the 5th House of Cancer or Scorpio Ascendant provides pleasure. Ketu in this House gives early ambition and direction in life in Capricorn or Gemini Lagna.

Remedies for Ketu in 5th House:-

  • One should donate sugar and milk to a temple or someone poor.
  • One should also wear a silver ring on their ring or little finger.
  • Donate black and blue blankets to the poor or the temple yearly.
  • One should feed Brahmin or priests every month.
  • Feed Crows, dogs, and cows on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Serve black and white dogs with food everyday. It could be stray or domestic.
  • One should indulge in religious or spiritual activities daily.
  • One should offer Sesame and tamarind in the temple or to poor people.
  • Take good care of unmarried females or girl children.
  • One should throw jaggery in running water.
  • One should donate rice and wear a gold chain or bracelet.
  • One should offer yellow colour clothes to the Pundit and priest in the temple every year.
  • Visit Rahu-Ketu temple or Navagrah temple every year.


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