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Effects of Jupiter in different houses of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

DateDecember 2, 2021

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter signifies our Education, Spirituality, Marriage, Wisdom, Wealth, Fortune, expansion in our life, Prosperity and protection from any unwanted happenings in life. Jupiter is the most auspicious and most favourable planet according to Vedic Astrology. It has special 3 aspects which are 5th, 7th and 9th aspect from its position of placement in horoscope.

Jupiter is also karaka for birth of child in our life. Jupiter usually takes 13 months to transit in one house or sign. Good placement of Jupiter in our D1 chart or Natal Chart gives us good result in all areas with overall progress, expansion, happiness and satisfaction. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the placement of Jupiter in your horoscope.

Guru is most auspicious planet because of its beneficial nature in General. Although, bad placement of Jupiter or malefic influence of Jupiter in our Horoscope can make one obese, there will be problem in married life, no gains no prosperity I life even after struggle, scarcity of money and happiness in life.

Jupiter signifies growth and achievement in our life depends upon its position in our horoscope. Below, are the results of Jupiter in each different house in Birth Chart.

Effects of Jupiter in different houses of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter in 1st house in Ascendant in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 1st house gives immense success, wealth and prosperity in life after the age of 45. Guru in 1st house gives meritorious and prosperous children in life. Native may attain popularity and success in career after the age of 40. Native’s fortune and prosperity will rise after marriage. Jupiter here in lagna protects native from any kind of bad situation in life. Person with Jupiter in their 1st house will have almighty blessing from very young age and native’s inclination towards spirituality will increases from young age.

Jupiter in 2nd house in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 2nd house will make native liberal and charitable. Jupiter in 2nd house will bestow native much wealth through their business and occupation. Person with Jupiter in 2nd house might get born in aristocratic family or wealthy family. Native will be foodie and will lead a very luxurious life after the age of 34. Native may prefer arranged marriage over love marriage in young age. Jupiter in 2nd house gives native talent in singing or music. Native can have some weight problem in later stages in life. Native will be fond of fast food which may lead to ill health in middle years of life.

Jupiter in 3rd house in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 3rd house gives struggle in life till 30 years of age. Native might achieve fame ad success in glamour or cine world after the age of 21 but native will face some tension and several issues in life till 30 years of age. Person might face some false allegation in life. Jupiter in 3rd house will give person lot of abundance and family support all through life. Native will have obedient and popular children. Jupiter in this house give success and wealth through creativity or artistic talent. Native may also become a popular writer or journalist. Career in Marketing and advertising field will lead to very wealthy and happy life. There will be much support from siblings in native’s life.

Jupiter in 4th house in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 4th house in Kundli gives lavish lifestyle and expansion of wealth and fortune from the age of 40. Although, native will have high expenses and health trouble in life. Person may suffer from heart trouble or nerve problem in life. Native may also face blood pressure problem or diabetic problem in life. Jupiter in 4th house gives abundance expansion of properties in life. Native may possess multiple vehicle and multiple houses in life from the age of 38.Native might not save much liquid wealth in life.

Jupiter in 5th house in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 5th house gives native success in life after the birth of their children. Native’s progeny may become very successful and very popular in life. Native will become much wealthy after 35 years of age. Jupiter in 5th house gives artistic and literary taste in life. Native will be highly educated and he or she may become a popular writer, actor, painter, sports star, novelist in life. Jupiter in 5th house gives lot of financial abundance and savings from the age of 38. Native will have fulfilling romantic life.

Jupiter in 6th house in Natal chart:-

Jupiter in 6th house gives struggle and hindrance in career and service life. Native will face financial problem during young age and their career will not be stable till 39 years of age. Native will face dejection and failure in love affair. Person might also face defamation due to court case or through litigation. Native will get full father support in life especially in finances. Person will see growth in life only after hardship, struggle and persistent effort in their field of work. Native can become a successful doctor or may acquire government job in life.

Jupiter in 7th house in Natal Chart:-

Jupiter in 7th house gives luck, good fortune and transformation in life after marriage. Native will struggle in life till 28 years of age. Native may see great success in life in the field of business or in showbiz industry after 26 years of age. Person will prosper and become very happy after marriage if 7th lord is well placed and not under malefic influence.

Native’s spouse will bring luck, happiness, love, charm in life of native after marriage. All the failures of native will vanish and native will quickly rise to good position in life with good pace. Native’s spouse will be very caring, devoted and supportive towards native. Marriage will bring positive change in life for the native.

Jupiter in 8th house in Natal Chart:-

Person may get money or house through inheritance or through marriage. Native will become wealthy after marriage. Some native may remain unmarried all their life. Jupiter in 8th house will give success in the field of astrology, occult and spirituality. Jupiter in 8th house gives lot troubles, health issues, and struggle till the age of 33. Jupiter in 8th makes native bereft of family support and support from authorities. Jupiter in 8th house gives failures and dejection in their love life. Native may wander aimlessly in life for few years.

Jupiter in 9th house in Natal Chart:-

Jupiter in 9th house gives fortune in foreign land. Person will get success through higher education in foreign land. Native may get settle in foreign land as well. Person may become a popular scholar or preacher in life. Jupiter in 9th house will give much wealth after marriage. Jupiter in 9th house also gives successful children and happy peaceful life. Jupiter in 9th house will give full support from parents both financially and mentally.

Jupiter in 10th House in Natal Chart:-

Jupiter in 10th house gives success in government field. Native may become professor, teacher officer, diplomat , IAS, IPS,IFS in life. Person may also work win embassy in foreign land. Person will attain high position in life may get success in politics as well. Native will have high class business or government post with high income in life. Person may also earn multiple sources in life.

Jupiter in 11th house in natal chart:-

Jupiter in 11th house give all round success in life and prosperity after marriage. Native will have love marriage and may attain success from the age of 34. Native will get gains and profit in their occupation or business through their large network circle. Person may become a lawyer, barrister in life. Native may become a civil engineer or real estate businessman as well. Jupiter in 11th house gives multiple love affairs in life even after marriage. Sometimes clandestine affairs will land native in trouble through scandals.

Jupiter in 12th house in natal chart:-

Jupiter in 12th house gives troublesome married life. Native’s spouse might cheat him or her. Native will have health problems regarding liver, lungs and bones. Person will travel in foreign land and will achieve success in foreign place. Native will have high expenses in life but he or she will have large liquid money savings. Person will love travel business and adventure sports. Native will get success in their life after the age of 42. Native will get some bed pleasures outside relationship or marriage.


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