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Effects of Rahu in 12 Houses of Kundli or Birth Chart

Overview of Rahu in Vedic Astrology:-

North Nodes of Moon is commonly Known as Rahu in Vedic Astrology. Rahu is a shadow Planet which imparts its result and impacts the horoscope with the help of other planets like its sign lord and sub lord of its constellation (Nakshatra). Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the placement of planet Rahu in your horoscope.

Rahu (North Node of Moon) signifies desires, curiosity, intelligence, information technology, evil deeds, sinful actions, cheating, Air travel, skin disease, occult science, harsh speech, political success, fame in entertainment industry, Success in Spiritual world, Physiotherapy, radio communication, alcohol trade, etc. in Vedic Astrology.

Rahu denotes ambition, pleasures, fear and uncultured behaviour and gives unexpected and sudden result in life with respect to its position in horoscope. Rahu can also bring unexpected losses, misfortune, failure and frustration in life but at times can bestows native with worldly comforts, Love pleasure, unexpected success, luxury, gains, riches, power and strength in life.

rahu in houses

When Rahu gets placed in auspicious position in a horoscope, it gives victory over enemies but one never gets satisfied by riches and manifestation of desires in life. Thus, native with strong dominant Rahu free from affliction in horoscope never gets their desired and ambition fulfilled especially materialistically.

Rahu in 1st house:-

Rahu in 1st house in Ascendant gives good health and wealth especially after 42 years of age. Profession related to communication, IT, animation, cinematography, editing, graphic designing will fetch native much success in middle years of life. Person may also become a popular dancer. Native may climb the ladder of success and prosperity in life through politics in advanced years of life. Person will be elusive and fane hungry and his desires will never end and will never get fulfilled materialistically. Native may also suffer from scarcity of money in young age.

Rahu in 2nd house:-

Rahu in 2nd house creates havoc in family and marital life but gives much wealth to native from various means. Rahu in 2nd house makes native gain from speculation, stock market, share market, speculation and investments. Native might become rich from real estate business. Native will get success in career related to technology, informatics, microbiology etc. Person with Rahu in 2nd house will speak harshly. Person will be ambitious and will have affluence in society but will never be satisfied with their bank balance, savings but sometimes inherit wealth from family, inheritance, legacy and through in-laws as well.

Rahu in 3rd house:-

Rahu in 3rd house will give fame through media, journalism, novel writing and through telecom industry or television industry. Rahu in 3rd house makes native master in communication but person will be shrewd, manipulative and will get their work done either by hook or crook. Native will be cunning in their work pursuit and will earn lot of wealth after the age of 44 through their occupation. Person may earn money from more than one source as well. Native will shine in life after hard struggle in young but native will get luck after marriage.

Rahu in 4th house;-

Person in 4th house gives multiple property in life but native may reside in foreign land and built or purchase a house far away from birth land. Native will also have lot of inherited agricultural land but it will be of no use to native. Native will gain success far away from their birth place and native’s fortune will rise after 40 years of age. Rahu in 4th house give trouble to mother’s health and father’s prosperity in life. Rahu in 4th house will give lot of ups and downs in life and native will have fluctuating financial fortune.

Rahu in 5th house:-

Rahu in 5th house gives trouble in love relationship for native and relation with father will not be very cordial as well. North node of Moon in 5thhouse makes native very creative. Native gains popularity through artistic pursuit especially in performing arts. Rahu in 5th house gives native some trouble in married life. Person with Rahu in their 5th house will be flamboyant and stylish. North Node in this house also makes native restless and folly in love affairs and may give inter caste marriage.

Rahu in 6th house:-

Rahu in 6th house makes person expert in organizing events, meetings, weddings, political rally and he or she may become expert in conflict management and building associations. North nose in 6th bhav gives victory in court cases and victory in political elections. Rahu in 6th gives ups and downs in health and surgery in middle years of life. Person may serve masses, poor people and people from backward community. Native may have political background or native will achieve powerful position in government service or in political line from the age of 45.

Rahu in 7th house:-

Rahu in 7th house gives magnetic and stylish personality to native. Native will have success in love affairs and love marriage but there will be some problems in married life in initial few years of life. There will be chances of divorce or separation for some people. Rahu in 7th house will gives success in business partnership. Person will possess tremendous diplomatic ability and may obtain high position in employment in foreign land. Native may work in foreign agency, consulate, embassy etc.

Rahu in 8th house:-

Rahu in 8th house gives success in occult world, Astrology, Spiritual world, Yoga practicing, meditation etc. Rahu in 8th bhav may make a person, spy, detective, disaster manager, executive secretary etc. North Node of Moon here makes a person involve in high risk and high diligence work environment. Native might also get trap in militancy, violence, communal tension, criminal activities etc. There will be family tension and marital tension for native in young but native may get wealth through inheritance, legacy, in-laws etc.

Rahu in 9thhouse:-

Rahu in 9th house yields name and fame for the native from travel blogging, lifestyle-culture surfing, nature wandering etc. Native may become a famous writer and earn accolade in foreign land through their occupation or Higher Education. Rahu in 9th house gives some problem in relationship with father and some health trouble to mother. North Node of Moon here give fame to native in middle years of life due to their occupation an d work. Native will be wealthy, healthy and charitable as well. Spouse will be very supportive and native will be long lived.

Rahu in 10th house:-

Rahu in 10th house gives skill and talent in public management and finance management. Native will become successful through their career after going through some struggle, dejection and loss. North Node of Moon in 10th bhav give rise in politics after 44 years of age. Rahu in 10th house may obtain government service through PWD Department. Rahu in 10th house gives rise in career in glamour and advertising industry as well.

Rahu in 11th house:-

Rahu in 11th house gives much confidence, large network circle, diplomatic ability and much optimism in life. Native will gain success through contact work, legal work, partnership business, litigation etc. Rahu in 11th house also give pleasure and happiness in love affairs. North Node of Moon in 11th house will give happy married life to native. Rahu here gives pleasure through exotic travel and gains from friendship, contacts and aristocratic people.

Rahu in 12th house:-

Rahu here gives hidden pleasure and trouble through illegal contract and frauds especially in foreign land. Native will overcome their enemies and will become wealthy in foreign land or through trade work. Rahu in 12th bhav also give secret pleasure but defamation in public through extramarital affair and cheating in their occupation. Person might get support from influential people as well and he or she may reside in foreign land permanently far away from their birth place. Rahu here may give employment through Internet, travelling and in immigration department.