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Career Astrology – Your Career Horoscope will Guide You Forward


Career decisions needs acumen, guidance and also the right understanding of the challenges that you may encounter to reach your destination. Career Astrology is an answer for all these requirements. It will tell you about your strengths and weakness for a particular career and also the challenges and the opportunities that will come in the way.



Astrology can bring a great difference to your career as it righty knows about your aptitudes, which you might not be sure about. By analyzing the positions of the planet in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses of your horoscope, Vedic astrologers will guide you about the road ahead. Planetary positioning of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in specific houses can strongly determine the destiny of your career. The significances of these specific houses are:

  • The 2nd house – reveals income through profession or career.
  • The 6th house – tells you about the day to day services & employment.
  • The 10th house – is the house of career and will inform you about your job status.


Do not leave your career to probability. Get your detailed month by month career forecast to make the most of opportunities that are lined up in 2012. Your detailed personalized career forecast will be more specific and accurate as it will be based on your Moon sign. The Career Forecast will also make you aware of

  • Career status, including salary increases
  • Potential advancements in your position
  • New job opportunities
  • Work environment
  • Powerful remedies to negate the ill effects of the bad planets