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Nadi Astrology for Arts & Sports

One of the wonders of the world is that you can experience this ancient, divine predictive science of Nadi Astrology by giving just your thumbprint impression. There is amazing information on Nadi palm leaves which has been carefully guarded for centuries. Predictions for specific individuals were made by enlightened sages in the long ago past, and these are being released now in our current age for their intended audience. Not everyone has a Nadi leaf; however, if you are even reading this, it is quite possible there is a leaf just for you. Nadi Astrology can reveal secret knowledge about your entire life as well as explain blemishes from past lives that are casting a serious shadow into this one and blocking your aspirations with art or sports. We have helped many people find a secret formula to fully blossom with their skills and talents and further their art or sports goals through the power of Nadi Astrology.
Why Consider Nadi Astrology?
Nadi Astrology can help you:
  • Find answers to questions that have been bugging you for so long
  • Understand the real causes of current and past unfavorable events as being something you yourself set in motion long ago through poor decisions
  • Identify the correct, effective remedies to eradicate the energies that keep you stuck and stagnant
Nadi Essential Package  Chapters 1 13 and 14

Nadi Essential Package Chapters 1 13 and 14

Nadi Essential Package includes the most important and necessary chapters in your life with the help of your thumb print. It includes readings from the chapters 1, 13 and 14. 

US $ 429.00

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