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Libra Horoscope 2018 Predictions

October 11, 2017 | Total Views : 2,709
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Characteristics of Libra Moon Sign: Libra natives value beauty, balance and peace both at home and at workplace. They aim to accomplish their goals faster. They are calm, composed, perceptive, friendly and intelligent with wise decision-making ability. They are often interested in the arts, yet can also flourish in business, and some of them may become legal professionals. They must guard against swerving from moderation into over-indulging. Libra Horoscope 2018 For

Libra Moon Sign Horoscope for 2018: Your Year Ahead

General Overview 2018 augurs well for Libra natives, which highlights your relationship, career, business, health, and auspicious events. Auspicious events such as wedding, birth of child and participating in religious pursuits are likely. On the flip side, maintaining social status and dignity shall be a challenge. You may have to control your tongue to maintain cordial relationship with your family members. You need to compromise your lethargic attitude to succeed in all your endeavors. 2018 shall be a favorable year for self-employed, artists, software personnel, scientists, scholars, architects, interior designers, and aeronautic engineers. Businesses in partnerships shall also fare well. Mother’s domination and interference may be at its peak. Travel should be avoided during the months of November and December, and this is especially true for young people with Libra Moon Sign. Expenses towards health of spouse are unavoidable.

Libra Horoscope 2018 For Business and Career

Business people may find it difficult to finalize on deals after May 2018. You may not be able to maintain a cordial relationship with your business partners. Procuring business loans may also be difficult post May. Some may also face litigations in business. So, try to avoid wordy duels with your partners or associates. Professionals may find better opportunities to prove their skills during the beginning of the year. During the month of May, professional success is set to bring honors and pave way for higher growth. Good rapport shall prevail between your superiors and you. The latter part of the year does not look very promising for career. Make use of your goodwill and influence to maintain cordial relationships. Some of your superiors may be openly inimical and try to block your prospects. Instead of becoming argumentative, you should develop a diplomatic and tactful nature. Strive to compromise. April and May are favorable months for self-employed professionals. Teachers, artists, architects, doctors and hoteliers shall do extremely well in 2018. Enhance Professional Expertise - Rahu Pooja

Libra Horoscope 2018 For Love and Relationship

You are likely to experience romance throughout the year, and your heart shall overflow with lovely thoughts to share with your partner. Some of you may find new ways to express your love to your partner. You would be pleasantly surprised to see that your feelings are reciprocated. Those who are single, have chances for wedding or committed relationship before May. In general, happy times are ahead with a bit of romance thrown in. This is a perfect year to improve and strengthen your bond with your partner. Relish the Charm of Love Relationship/Marital Harmony - Venus Homa

Libra Horoscope 2018 For Finance

You shall have monetary gains during the months of April, May, June, September and October. Gains can be through children, siblings and through partnership businesses. Gains through foreign trade are also possible. The second half of the year may not be a favorable period for you as far as your finance is concerned. You may face litigation because of your business associates. Protect and Improve Finances - Muruga Homa

Libra Horoscope 2018 For Students

2018 appears to be very positive year ahead for the students who are focused and input their best efforts in their studies. Motivation from friends and elders would help you to move forward towards success. Those seeking higher education may receive good support. Avoid lethargy and procrastination. The keyword for the year is focus. Excel in Studies - Saraswati Homa

Libra Horoscope 2018 For Health

This year, adopt a positive approach for treating your body well. You would be inspired to give conscious improvement to your diet and your exercise habits. Simple changes in your routine shall give you energy to fulfill your desires. Pay attention to health of spouse or partner, and help them be proactive with medical care. There are chances that you may suffer from ailments like headache, digestive disorders, inflammations, common cold and fever. You shall see some relief after May. Otherwise, no major threat to health is seen throughout the year. Avoid unnecessary conversation about negative news or thoughtless chatter, which shall only leave you either drained or feeling anxious and stressed. The more you put your mind and conversation toward positive thoughts and speech, the more you protect your energy and optimistic attitude. Laughter is a good medicine for you.Overcome Ailments - Dhanvantri Homa General Recommended Remedy Suggestions for 2018: Philanthropic actions / home remedies to be followed during year:
  • Help charitable causes
  • Seek blessings from your parents
  • Avoid using harsh words and speak only gracious and kind words
  • Meditate daily for 15 minutes
  • Chant “Om Sanecheraya Namaha” for Saturn, 108 times daily Favorable Months: January, February, March, April, May, November and December Unfavorable Months:  June, July, August, September and October (during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform the recommended rituals)

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