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Jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius For Pisces Moon Sign

September 18, 2019 | Total Views : 543
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The benevolent planet, Jupiter, will transit to Sagittarius from Scorpio on Tuesday, 05thNovember 2019. Jupiter will transit the 10thHouse from Pisces Moon sign. This is not a good position for Jupiter. From here, Jupiter will aspect the 2ndHouse, which is the House of family, wealth, thoughts, speech & voice, property, primary education, worldly possessions, anger, clothes and eating, the 4thHouse, which is the House of mother, comforts, home, education, land, real estate, friends, vehicles, relatives and luxury as well as the 6thHouse, the House of diseases, debts, rivalry, defeat, problems, suspicion, sorrow and weaknesses.

This transit is unfavorable when it comes to career and work. Professionals may face some problems during the transit. Business people may also suffer some hardships during the beginning of the transit, but things may turn favorable as the transit progresses. Loss of wealth may occur due to unwanted expenditure, depleting their savings. They should not initiate new real estate projects during this time. 

Health may cause problems. It should not be ignored as medical issues may arise. Even minor problems should be addressed. During this period, they will find it hard to pay off your debts and rivals will cause trouble. Hindrances are likely and they will cause disappointment. But as the days pass, things may improve as obstacles fade away. Overall, life will be better during the final period of the transit. Children’s health and relationships with them will become better as the transit progresses. There is a strong chance of inheriting a legacy. Their hard work and help may bring good results during the latter part of the transit. Thus, regarding certain areas of life, the concluding phase of the transit will be better.

Business and Career 

Career may suffer reverses during the transit. Working professionals may find the workplace ambience rather unpleasant. Colleagues, superiors and subordinates may not cooperate, leading to stress. Productivity will be lacking and hikes, promotions, perks and increments are unlikely. For business people, the initial period may be problematic but later on, things may become average. Those involved in real estate may feel that they are stagnating so they should try to avoid new projects. 

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Finances are not favored during the transit. There will be loss of wealth and savings as expenses will be high. They might have to pay medical bills and claim health insurance. There might be losses in unfavorable real estate transactions. Income flow would be average so expenses should be curtailed significantly. 

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There will be emotional turmoil within the family. Relationship with family members may deteriorate. They should try to maintain harmony with family members by spending some quality time with them. Relationship with children needs to be worked on. Spouse needs more attention during the initial days of the transit. This will help to avoid any discord. Relationship with the father will be average throughout the transit.

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Students undergoing primary and secondary education will have a tough time in their studies. Those applying for graduate studies may find it hard to get into the colleges and universities they prefer. They should put in extra efforts for the same. Opportunities to study abroad are less during the initial period of the transit. Later on, there might be some chances to do so. Educational matters are under more favorable stars during the later period.

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Love and Marriage 

Love matters are average during the early period and would get progressively better as the days pass. Married couples would have a good relationship, particularly during the final days of the transit. People looking for life partners would find the later period more favorable. 

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This transit is not very beneficial for health. They will be vulnerable to many diseases and disorders; so, caution is needed. They need to take care of the eyes, throat, face, navel, heart, etc., as they are likely to face problems like tonsilitis, indigestion, high BP and ulcers. Those who had to undergo medical treatment and surgery may have a speedy recovery and convalescence during the later days of the transit.

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Home Remedies

  • Worship Lord “Sri Maha Vishnu”
  • Listen to “Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Stotra”
  • Observe fasting on Thursdays
  • Avoid disrespecting learned people and scholars
  • Respect elders and parents
  • Avoid negativity 

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