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Drishti Durga Homam : Benefits and Its Significance

June 7, 2023 | Total Views : 293
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What is Drishti?

At the Kala Bhairava temple in Varanasi, one can see priests doing ‘jhaadha’, the practice of using horsetail or peacock feather fans, called ‘chamars’ to dust off evil spirits or the ‘evil eye’. In the Nathdwara temple of Srinathji, even the presiding deity can be affected by ‘nazar’ or ‘Drishti’, meaning ‘gaze’ (in this case, of adoring devotees). For this reason, the priests show his image only fleetingly by opening and shutting the curtain during ‘jhanki.’ It is also dusted with peacock feathers.

In simple terms, ‘Drishti’ is a look or glance that has the power to bring bad luck to those it falls on. It is also called ‘nazar’, evil eye, etc.

People hailing from many cultures believe in the power of the evil eye. Since ancient times, people have feared it. It has the ability to sicken people, create obstacles, make things go wrong, destroy homes and businesses, etc. The evil eye is a form of negative energy that is born from emotions like envy, jealousy, etc. It can subtly influence the people it targets and cause harm or losses to them.

Ancient Irish legends speak of the evil eye of Balor, the one-eyed giant which inspired the concept of the Eye of Sauron in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Some people call it ‘curse’ or ‘hex’.

All of us have an aura (subtle body) that surrounds us. It’s like an energy shield that reflects our physical and mental health. When we look at some people, we feel happy or energized. It’s because they have a positive aura. Ugly or unhealthy objects have a negative aura, which makes us unhappy or drains us of energy. We can draw energy from objects with a positive aura and lose energy to those with a negative aura. An evil eye, on the other hand, makes us feel weak and powerless.

In ancient Egypt, people believed that the eye of Horus protected them from the evil eye. The blue ‘nazar’ amulet is popular in Turkey, and many in India use it, too, to ward off the evil eye. The hand of Fathima, an amulet in the shape of a palm, is used by Arabs for the same purpose.

Some people supposedly possess the evil eye. Their glance or gaze can rob others of energy. The belief is that they feed on other people’s energy. Witches and vampires evolved from this idea.

Anyone can possess an evil eye temporarily. This happens when we envy or adore something pretty, like a child. Sometimes, even a mother’s gaze can drain her child of its positive aura. So people use all kinds of charms or talismans to protect the child, like a black dot (nazar ka tika) on its face. Others may bathe in rock salt or tie a black thread to the right ankle or arm.

Drishti Durga Homam

Drishti Durga Homam is a ceremony to appease Goddess Durga. It is done to overcome ‘Drishti’ in the sense of evil eye, jealousy, envy, and negativity. Families, individuals, companies, and factories can perform this Homam.

Goddess Durga is the Divine Mother who created the Universe. Her energy is strong and powerful enough to repel unfavorable vibrations. This Homa can remove barriers that hinder your company’s growth and ensure the well-being of your staff and bestow tranquillity. It must be done on Fridays or any other day that is favorable for the Janma Nakshatra.

The main ingredient in this Homam is white mustard. By pleasing Durga, one gains her shield of protection, which helps one to overcome all difficulties and bad luck. Also, all barriers to success can be eliminated with this Homam.

Durga Mantra:

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike Saranye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute

Durga Gayatri Mantra

Aum Kaatyaanye Cha Vidmahe Kanyakumarye Dhimahi | Tanno Devi Prachodayat ||1||

Aum Girijayaye Vidmahe Shiva Priyayai Dhimahi | Tanno Durga Prachodayat ||2||

When to Perform Drishti Durga Homam?

Durga Ashtami, Navami, Amavasya, Tuesdays, or any Fridays are ideal for performing this Homam. Drishti Durga Homam should be performed if you have Drishti dosha.

Significance of Drishti Durga Homam

Drishti Durga Homam can repel even the strongest negative forces and restore peace of mind. The ceremony protects your home and possessions from evil energies. It also benefits those who have Shani Dosham. Shoolini Durga is another name for Drishti Durga.

The Ramayana says that Rama performed the Drishti Durga Homam to enlist the help of Durga. He needed 108 blue lotus flowers for the Pooja to honor the Goddess. Hanuman was given the responsibility of arranging the lotus flowers, and he arranged the 108 lotus blossoms. But Shiva hid one of the lotus flowers to test him.

As there were only 107 flowers, Rama decided to sacrifice one of his blue, lotus-shaped eyes to make up for the missing lotus. But the Goddess appeared before him and blessed him as she was moved by his devotion.

The Uniqueness of Drishti Durga Homam

This unique Homa has the power to remove obstructing energies, and it also bestows her protection. It helps one to overcome despair and boosts vitality.

Powerful energy is released from the Homa fire, which can remove mental confusion and uncertainty from our auras.

Benefits of Drishti Durga Homam

  •  Conducting Drishti Durga Homam at home or the temple brings many benefits to one’s family and friends. The benefits of the Homam are given below:
  • One can achieve a high financial status in life. One can also get immense confidence and overcome feelings of hopelessness as well as financial issues.
  • It removes the negative effects of condemnation, hostile looks, Doshas, and deterrents from one’s horoscope.
  •  The Homam can boost your business and eliminate any impending calamities. It promotes financial stability.
  • Drishti Durga Homam helps one to conquer misery.
  • It removes the negative effects of curses, evil eyes, doshas, and obstructions in the horoscope. 

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