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August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope Predictions

July 16, 2019 | Total Views : 371
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August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - General

This will be a normal period. They will be given new assignments at work, and they should do it properly. They will be regarded as a person who diligently fulfills their commitments. They will meet with success in all their endeavors and rise to a good position in their career. Unexpected profits will flow from many sources. They will be in a religious mood and perform worthy deeds. Social life will be normal. Some sensitive issues will disturb them and they will be unable to take the right decision. Their self-control and disciplined nature will enable them to attain their goals. They will make great efforts towards self-improvement and will attract other people towards them. Health will be normal.

August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Love Relationship

This period brings many happy moments with a love partner. Friendly interactions with family members will be the norm. Relationships with spouse will be trustworthy. Their confidence will help resolve sensitive issues in personal life. Meditation will help them improve focus and inner peace. One proposal will look promising.

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August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Finance

Finances will be stable. There will be expenses for personal needs. But overall, expenditures will be average. Friends will provide financial support in times of need. Often they will use reserve funds.

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August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Career

Projects may be delayed or they may not get the appreciation they deserve from their superiors. Conflicts with superiors should be avoided. Cultivate patience at the workplace. They will face many obstacles and will have to put in great effort to get favorable results. Avoid bad reputation in the professional circle.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Saturn Pooja

August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Business

Business will go through a dull phase. Some clients are likely to find fault with your work. Therefore, try to avoid mistakes. Knowledgeable and learned people will support them in their activities.

August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Professionals

This month there will be some issues. They may face pressure to finish their work quickly. They will be irritated by frequent disturbances at work. New techniques and support from subordinates will help them overcome problems at work.

August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Health

This month they will face only minor issues. Oily food may cause  gastric problems. Be careful in your diet, rest, and sleep to ensure good health.

Divine Technique for Healthy Living: Lord Vaidhyanatha Pooja

August 2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope - Student

This month will be normal. There will be many challenging opportunities in higher education. There will be some good opportunities to prove their caliber in education, but only a few will bring success. They will enjoy good reputation at their educational institution.

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Auspicious dates: 2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,15,17,21,22,23,26,27,28.
Inauspicious dates: 1,4,8,9,14,16,18,19,20,24,25,29,30,31

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