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Aries Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,305
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Aries, the sign that is As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents unbridled animation. For Aries, Energy is the keyword, Courage, their quality and leadership is their identity. They have a strong sense of purpose and also the zeal for making it a reality. Ram is their symbol, indicating action and determination. Mars, the warrior is their key planet, denoting the fighting spirit. Fire is their element, pointing to a combination of strength and warmth. With courage as their biggest asset and independence, the Aries’ march ahead fearlessly to face the challenges of life. But in the process, they sometimes do tend to wobble, becoming headstrong, stubborn and impulsive. Aries Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Aries Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Aries is by nature, a high energy individual. He is enthusiastic and quite courageous, and takes life as an adventure. He simply enjoys its thrills, faces the dangers, plays with the risks, manages the failures and savours success. He is a go getter, and can even be ruthless in going after what he wants and getting it at any cost . He has strong opinions, with likes and dislikes, and is capable of standing up and fighting for all that he feels right. Aries men generally remain a picture of self-assurance and confidence. They seem to know exactly what they want and also how to get that. They have an analytical mind, which can carefully weigh an issue, analyze a problem and arrive at a plan of action, most suitable for getting the desired result, under a given situation, at a particular point of time. But they are not thinkers, in the conventional sense of the word, and keeping on brooding over something is simply against their nature. They are action oriented people, who value time and would love to work towards their goals, for achieving them quick and fast. They are also extremely competitive. But they are normally honest and possess an inherent sense of justice and fair-play, and hence will not take recourse to dishonest, unethical or illegal means to achieve results.
Aries men are natural leaders. They are commanding personalities, with tremendous decision making skills. With a flair for taking on challenges and adversities, they exude a quiet confidence, which will make others look for their direction and follow their lead. Aries men are personalities with a spirit of independence. They are assertive characters, but may at times tend to become aggressive and even over bearing. They are also extroverts, who are bold and spontaneous, both in words and deeds. They are often outspoken and seem to be over confident. With such distinct characteristics, they often run the risk of coming across as egoistic, selfish and self-centered individuals. They may enter into unnecessary confrontations, refuse to admit mistakes, lose their temper even on insignificant issues, will be undiplomatic in dealings and start treating others with disdain. And they are also not very good listeners and may turn a deaf ear even to some genuine concerns of others. All these may show them as heartless and thoroughly insensitive. They do have a good gift of the gab and can talk their way through tricky issues and get what they want. But already considered insensitive, this positive trait may be seen as an outright sign of manipulation. Though capable, hardworking and ambitious, these negative characteristics may not show an Aries man in his official capacity or career, as a trusted team player, and may result even in others sabotaging his cause. Aries man will bring his unbounded enthusiasm to his love life too and will be a passionate lover, with intense romantic instincts. They will also be loyal and protective husbands, responsible parents and good family men, even curbing their natural dominating nature. But his brutal honesty may at times prove to be too much for the family to take, while his demanding attitude may exhaust their patience. These may cause serious strains in relationships and may even rock the family boat quite violently. If they can put their tremendous strengths to their advantage and curb their impulsive, negative tendencies, Aries men can taste great success in both, official and personal fronts, and live a life of promise and fulfillment.

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