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Aquarius October 2021 Monthly Horoscope Predictions | Aquarius October 2021 Horoscope

September 6, 2021 | Total Views : 64
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Aquarius October 2021 General Overview:

Married Aquarius couples may be sensitive to each other’s feelings and expectations this October. This could lead to better intimacy. You might provide solutions to some problems at work, and earn the appreciation of bosses and colleagues for your courage and ability. But your health may be problematic. Students might be more focused on academics, but they may feel less confident. They may feel lazy and anxious. Still, they may perform well in their studies. You may become more spiritual and some may go on pilgrimages. Read your free tomorrow horoscope on Astroved.com.

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Love and Relationship;

A time of peace in the family. Some auspicious events like marriages may take place in some families now. Mutual adjustment between spouses can enhance the marital bond. But misunderstandings may crop up between lovers, so be careful. 

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Those in the medical line may hope for sizeable income. The money flow is also likely to be slightly more as compared to the previous month. Still, there are possibilities for you to go even for loans now, for whatever reason. But it is strictly not advisable to take loans indiscriminately and fall into debts.


Those in government jobs may develop differences of opinion with superiors. Hence, avoid arguments now. Those in the educational and entertainment fields may see career advancement. People seeking jobs abroad may turn lucky.


Those running a business may have to work very hard to achieve their goals. Stock trading may give more profits. Those in the export business may shine. Merchants, too, may find this a good month. Partnership busineses or joint ventures may bring good profits now.


Aquarius professionals may do well at work and get noticed by their bosses. Finance professionals, especially, could progress in their field of work. Likewise, those in the legal, medical, or educational fields may see career advancement and financial improvement.


There may be some health challenges this month. Minor health disorders are likely. Some may develop intestine-related problems. Even if it's a minor issue, seek medical advice. Follow healthy food habits. Your mother’s health might be problematic.  

Students may not be able to focus on studies. Heed the advice of teachers and parents if you want to succeed. Those doing research work may learn many new things now, and this might help them in their educational pursuits.

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