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Monthly Horoscope By Moon Sign

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope - August, 2019
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General: This month you need to work hard and don’t trust on luck. Professionally there may be an increase of responsibilities on the whole. On the spiritual side, you may able to increase more knowledge and interest. You will have normal financial gains from various sources, and anything you want will be available with some delay. Your expenses may increase due to travels and health of family members. Don’t lose confidence unnecessarily on works. Your smiling appearance will give positive impact. You will concentrate more on furthering interests and earn maximum gains. Your health will be normal, don’t take everything to the heart which may sometimes add stress to the mind and the body.

Love Relationship: Relationships may not be very promising in this period. You should be neutral on negative effects with love partner. Try to spend some quality time with your family members. This will improve your bonding with them. Be diplomatic and avoid criticism. You need to handle relationships with care.

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Finance: Financial position will not be satisfactory. Avoid lending money during this period. Unexpected expenses could be a matter of concern. Money could be spent on health issues. You may face a shortage of funds during this period. Loss of money is also possible, or you would be cheated by someone possibly.

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Career: You could face some hardships in your career. There are chances of some disputes or conflicts with your colleagues. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with the people you meet. Your hidden enemies could cause some problems for you. Avoid blind trust in anyone. You need to be clear in your communication as people could misunderstand you.

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Business: This would be a month of dullness in business activities. You may not achieve targets, and it takes time to meet your business requirements. You should not worry about the negative results, continue your efforts the upcoming weeks are going to support you in business activities.

Professionals: During this month your efforts may not yield results, and this could make you feel frustrated. Much hard work is required during this period. You may find discomforts and sorrows in your profession. You need to remain calm and patient.

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Health: Health would need due care. You are likely to suffer from some minor health issues. You could feel very restless during this period. Avoid taking too much stress. You would feel lethargic in this period. Avoid being alone as it will bring unnecessary thoughts in you and tend to increase your worries.

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Student: You need to put hard efforts to finish studies as situations may give overconfidence. You will complete education with sincere trials. Give extra time for studies fills confidence in you. You will be fortunate in respect of public dealings and get honors in the social circle.

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Auspicious dates: 3,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,15,17,18,20,21,22,23,26.

Inauspicious dates: 1,2,4,8,9,14,16,19,24,25,27,28,29,30,31.