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Pisces Monthly Horoscope - July, 2022
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General: Pisces people may have a smooth and rejoicing time in July 2022. This month can bring peace, wealth, happiness, success, prosperity, joy, and celebration to the lives of many Pisces natives. Fortune could favor you, and your wishes may come true. Some people might also find their dream job in foreign countries this month. Success in higher education also looks assured, and you may get a scholarship this month. Moreover, your inclination towards religious activities and spirituality might increase, and some people may go on pilgrimage to far-off places now. Students can taste success in their education, and their health, too, appears fine.

Love Relationship: There can be a lack of harmony or disagreements and conflicts with some family members or relatives during July 2022. However, your materialistic comforts can rise this month, although there could be a lack of peace and satisfaction in your personal life and family life. Your spouse can be supportive, but still, there could be some sour moments and chaos in your married life. So, try to avoid arguments with your spouse in this period. Overall, some misunderstandings, trust issues, or ego tussles might harm your marital bliss in July 2022. However, those in love can have an exciting, passionate, and intimate time with their partner in July 2022. You may travel to some exotic places or arrange dinner dates with your love partner. The Pisces singles may encounter someone fascinating approaching them this month, whereas those looking for a suitable partner for marriage can find one this month. Some casual flings and short-lived affairs can also be there for a few Pisces natives.

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Finance: There can be financial gains and flow of funds and resources from many directions for Pisces natives in July 2022. New contacts may also bring monetary profits, and some people might also start earning from multiple sources. Self–employment and your business can get ample money this July. There could be increments and promotions in your jobs, daily work, and services, whereas those looking for transfer in government jobs may get one. Besides, work related to construction, decoration, wedding planning, and business-related real estate can fetch substantial wealth for you in July. Though expenses could be high, income might increase as well. However, stay away from futile indulgences, unnecessary costs, and extravagant activities this month. But overall, your financial condition can be much better this July, when a new business venture or newly started work might yield profits.

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Career: Your efficiency, punctuality, passion, and respect at the workplace can increase in July 2022. Peers and authorities can be happy with your work and consistency. Besides, those looking for new jobs could get employed in new work and new posts with a decent salary, while those running their own business or working in partnership might see gains and profits throughout July. Self-employment can also bring good status, improvement in your stature, respect, happiness, and popularity. Work-related travels, too, might bring growth, advancement, opportunities, and success in your career. Some of you may also get increments and promotions, while some others can get desired transfers to different places in Government Jobs. Overall, the Pisces natives may see progress, recognition, and enhancement in reputation in their careers. However, artistic and creative ventures can test your patience this month.

Business: Those in software-related work or dealing in computer-related business can see success at a quick pace this July. Partnership business may fetch big profits as well, and the import-export and textile businesses, too, can fetch success and significant gains for Pisces natives in July 2022. Fortune may favor you in your business dealings and endeavors. Further, your investments can bring profits, and speculative activities may fetch success and moderate gains. Besides, the hotel, travel, and food industries can also flourish and prosper well this month.

Professionals: The Pisces professionals working in the sports, media, entertainment, medical, and engineering fields can taste success, popularity, and happiness in July 2022. Your endeavors and artistic pursuits might see success and growth, while you may also receive plaudits and perks from your peers and authorities at your workplace. You could also reach your target and fulfill your ambitions this month. Moreover, you can taste success as a writer, editor, painter, astrologer, and publisher in July 2022. As a result, there can be a significant rise in your social and economic status and respect. You may also come in contact with some rich, influential, and powerful people.

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Health: Some Pisces natives may suffer from liver ailments or digestive issues this month. A few can also catch cold and fever. So, please maintain a proper diet and nutrition and take care of your eating habits. The health of family members could frustrate you more as your mother or spouse might suffer from ill health for a brief period this month. Also, your expenses are likely to rise on medication now. But otherwise, your health looks okay, and you may feel energetic and enthusiastic in July 2022.

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Student: Some Pisces Students may have to overcome many distractions in July 2022. There can be a lack of concentration and focus on some issues, and you may not perform as per expectations in your exams or interviews. However, luck can be on your side, and you may get success in competitive exams or the campus selection process. On the other hand, those appearing for entrance and competitive exams can taste victory after multiple attempts. In addition, some Pisces students might win sports tournaments for their respective schools and colleges. Those in the research field or higher education can also see progress and success in their endeavors, while you could receive the support of teachers and professors. You may get success in your education in foreign countries. Besides, some students could get employment through their college, especially in foreign countries.

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Auspicious dates: 5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,19,20,24,25,29,30

Inauspicious dates: 1,3,4,11,17,21,22,23,31