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Leo Monthly Horoscope - August, 2021
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General: August can be a favorable month for Leos, both for their family life and official prospects. There are possibilities of your coming out with great achievements in work, even to your own surprise. The office atmosphere could be advantageous to you, and you may earn a good name at the workplace. You might also make new friends and receive some help through them. Your financial position and health condition both look good.

Love Relationship: Love relationships can be sweet and pleasant for the young. There are chances for the tender feeling of love blossoming in a few hearts. The married may also enjoy a cordial relationship. Your life partner could like and appreciate your sense of beauty, artistic sentiments, and outlook, and this might add to the intimacy between you both.

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Finance: The planetary positions indicate an upswing in your economic status now. Lady luck may smile, and fortune can come calling on you. Some of you could make income through your friends. This might also be the right month for you to invest in stock markets. You could receive advice from an elderly person on financial matters.

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Career: Your office atmosphere should be conducive for your performance, and there is unlikely to be any impediment to your progress now. Your hard work may also earn recognition and praise from your superiors. However, you are advised not to enter into any argument with colleagues or higher authorities. Official trips can work to your advantage. You are likely to work with confidence, deliver in your leadership role, and earn a good income. Some of you might get new job responsibilities. Overall, your name and fame could go up at work.

Business: You may face fresh challenges in business dealings. If you manage things wisely, you can succeed and meet the targets. Business competitions are likely to go up, but you could overcome those by adopting new techniques. You may also appoint new employees in the office.

Professionals: Leo professionals might advance through new work opportunities. You may work with self-confidence, finish your tasks on time, and make significant gains through your profession. This can earn you recognition now. Try to take others’ criticism in your stride, and this could help you with beneficial results.

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Health: You are likely to remain fit. Those suffering from stomach problems like indigestion may get relief. However, please avoid fast food or junk food. Taking nutritious and timely food can help you maintain your health well. Regular exercises could also help you remain hale and hearty.

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Student: Students in school may get distracted by a lack of focus. However, those pursuing higher education can get the support of teachers and parents, study well and succeed. Those looking for employment after completion of their courses might get employment with good salaries. Students who plan to study abroad may get their wishes fulfilled.

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Auspicious dates: 10, 14, 16, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30, 31

Inauspicious dates: 8, 9, 11, 12, 26, 27