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Monthly Horoscope By Moon Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope - January, 2018
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General: The first half of the month appears more favorable for you, filled with pleasant and cheerful events. You shall be more optimistic and your flexibility and communication skills can help you to achieve things with ease. Your adjusting nature and optimism shall gain you a unique persona during this month. You shall also exhibit good presentation skills during the month’s initial half.

Love Relationship: Auspicious occasions such as marriage can be fixed during the second half of the month. It is better to avoid entering into a new relationship during the month’s initial half, which might otherwise lead to intense arguments with your partner. There may also be communication gap amongst you two, affecting your marital harmony.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Mars Pooja

Finance: Money flow would be good. During the first half of the month, you may see good inflow of money. This month is not beneficial for any major investments, which might not yield beneficial results, if pursued. Some of you may be tempted to involve in speculative gains. Refrain yourself from such activities.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Lord Satya Narayana Pooja

Career: You shall get new job opportunities during the first half of the month and would receive support from your superiors and colleagues. Your confidence and reputation shall increase leading to your stupendous success in career. However, there are chances for you to face problems with your subordinates during the latter half of the month.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Durga Homa

Business: You shall earn good profits from your business during the month’s first half and would be able to edge out your competitors. Your uniqueness shall help you to steer ahead through the month. You need to be more vigilant and take extra care on your business during the latter half of the month. Venus and Mercury may pose pressure on you, affecting your business.

Professionals: You shall undertake new assignments and gain profits from the same during the month’s first half. Make wise use of the situation to progress forward. You shall also gain good reputation for your hard work.

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Health: Health is likely to get affected during the initial half of the month mainly due to anxiety and insecurity. Prayers and meditation can help improve your health condition. However, you shall have sound health and be filled with happiness during the month’s latter half.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Lord Dhanvantri homa

Student: Students shall excel in their studies during the second half of the month. You would have a good chance to exhibit your skills and abilities and score more marks in examinations. You might have low grasping power initially. Seeking advice and blessings from elders can help you in your performance.

Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Goddess Saraswati Homa

Auspicious dates: 1,3,4,6,7,11,12,13,14,18,19,22,23,26,27,28,29

Inauspicious dates: 2,5,8,9,10,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,24,25,30,31