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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope - August, 2020
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General: People born in the zodiac sign Cancer can hope for only moderate fortunes, this month. You may get weighed down by severe workload, and this may prevent you from devoting time to your personal needs. This may also lead to health issues and the resultant expenses. You may be forced to handle too many things at the same time, and hence, may have to take necessary care. This may especially be true for your job. Short travels are on the cards, and these too may incur expenses. Differences of opinion may crop up in family matters. But your sharp intelligence will come to your rescue in times of need and see you through any situation. There can also be an improvement in your finances.

Love Relationship: This looks to be an advantageous time for those in love. Love and affection may govern the matters of the heart. But the married are advised to be cautious in their dealings with their spouse. Better to talk less, and also to maintain a cordial relationship with the family members.

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Finance: Economic prospects are likely to be bright, and you may make progress in matters concerning finance. There may also be gains from the mother’s side, while you may make profits in business too. But beware, there may also be wasteful expenditure.

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Career: You may make marked advancement in career. But for this to materialize, it is essential that you utilize the opportunities that come your way. Also, do not keep anything pending, and try to complete your jobs as early as possible.

Business: Trade may give average results. You may face stiff business competition, and this may put you in many difficulties. Trades relating to landed properties may also give you a lot of headaches. But your business acumen will come to the fore, and make others, realize your potential.

Professionals: Professionals belonging to the Cancer sign may have to put in stupendous efforts to derive benefits, now. But your efficiency and operating skills can still bring you favorable results. This can also give you healthy self-confidence.

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Health: You will be required to take good care of your fitness. Consume as many green vegetables and fruits as possible, as this can give you a lot of strength. Even if minor issues crop up, your resistance capacity should be able to ward off the threats without much problem.

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Student: Students may exhibit good interest in studies, and also display quick-learning skills. These can help you to excel in your educational pursuits. Your courage may also aid you in many respects.

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Auspicious dates: 8,9,13,14,26,27

Inauspicious dates: 1,2,5,6,7,15,16,17,28,29