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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

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General: Mars is the planetary lord of the zodiac sign Aries, and during this month, he is transiting his own House. For the Aries people, this remains a favorable placement. You may become more confident and enthusiastic. Your leadership abilities may increase, and you may plan and execute all your tasks successfully. You may also try to solve many of the problems confronting you. Family life will be happy, while there may be progress in your finances too. You may make gains in the stock market, while lady luck may also smile suddenly on a few of you. Some benefits may accrue through your father. You may also get someone who can guide you through difficult situations. But you may have to incur medical expenses for your mother. There may also be obstacles and difficulties in some form or the other. But you may overcome all these and succeed in your endeavors.

Love Relationship: Love will generally be sweet and lovely. But minor differences my come and go between lovers. So, it is better not to forge new relationships now. There may be differences of opinion between life partners also, and hence, they should be flexible and accommodative towards each other for smooth sailing in life.

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Finance: There may be significant progress in money matters, with a sizeable flow of money. You may also hope for some unexpected gains. Your savings and bank balances may also increase. Your income must be enough to meet all your needs and commitments comfortably.

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Career: Advancement in the career is predicted. You may be able to solve many of your work-related problems and prove your potential in the office. Your colleagues, too, will extend their cooperation to you. Your efficiency and devotion to work may earn the appreciation of your superiors.

Business: Progress in trade will be impressive. Your plans for new business ventures too may fructify. Your positive frame of mind and ability to put your thoughts into immediate action can prove highly beneficial to you.

Professionals: The Aries’ can hope for significant advancement in their profession. Your unique abilities will come to light, and you may be able to deal even with complex issues with ease and succeed. This may also enhance your earnings, while also bringing you name and fame.

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Health: There may be a general improvement in your health. Some of the ailments you are suffering from may also get cured. But there are chances that headache, tension, anger, and the like, may result in high blood pressure. Hence, please avoid getting angry and try practicing yoga, meditation, etc. These will help you to remain fit and active.

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Student: Educational pursuits may be dull. Students may also get distracted on unnecessary issues. Please avoid going out and spending a lot of time outside with friends. Also, read your lessons then and there, without postponing them. You may, however, get support from both parents and teachers.

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Auspicious dates: 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,17,18,21,22,23,26,27,28,29

Inauspicious dates: 2,6,10,11,16,19,20,24,25,30