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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - September, 2019
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General: This is going to be a bright month to you. You should give priority to works and avoid lazy attitude. People may come for your advice, and you may not guide them appropriately. Your financial position will be slow. It is required to make hard efforts for getting benefits in the profession. Social life will be dull, and you may not enjoy properly. Domestic life will go on as usual. It is time to get financial benefits from kinsfolk on urgent needs. You should develop a friendly atmosphere in personal life to get proper results. Your health will be neutral. You may not give priority to your diet.

Love Relationship: This month it is a dull month for you. You will get the support from your love partner to clear some issues. Domestic life will be normal. Your attention on activities may not be supportive. Keep continuing your efforts. You may not be satisfied with the alliances so continue your efforts for getting the desired results.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Mercury Pooja

Finance: Financial necessities will be reasonable. Your income levels may be less, and you may postpone some of your commitments due to lack of money. Your close friends are supportive of you to give their assistance. Your reserved funds may come down due to immediate necessities in domestic life.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Ketu Pooja

Career: Career improvement will be stagnant during this month. Don’t worry your efforts will give results soon. You should maintain positive relationships at the workplace for betterment in results. Your internal communication with subordinates will be healthy. You should spend extra time at the workplace for clearing assignments.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Saturn Pooja

Business: This is going to be a dull month for business activities. You should not lose confidence and continue your rapport with the clients cordially. You will get some good assignments which may get postponed with negligence of your partners. You should monitor administration expenditure which may go high.

Professionals: This month would be the one to show abilities. Your efforts would give good or bad influence on your activities. So keep putting in the right initiatives and maintain a positive atmosphere at the workplace. You should concentrate on works as there may be some issues which you may face.

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Health: Health will continue to be average. You may not take food on time, and that may create some issues. Take leafy vegetables and prefer organic food. Simple exercises may keep your day active and fresh. Some of you may attend yoga classes for better results.

Divine Technique for Healthy Living: Lord Vaidhyanatha Pooja

Student: Your education would need special attention. You will complete the syllabus correctly, but you may not be satisfied with your success. Continue your studies with the same spirit which will give you benefits in the upcoming period. Your parents may provide some valuable advice; keep following as and when required.

Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Goddess Saraswati Pooja

Auspicious dates: 3,4,5,8,9,10,11,13,14,16,17,19,20,21,24,25,26,27.

Inauspicious dates: 1,2,6,7,12,15,18,22,23,28,29,30.