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Hayagriva, a horse-headed avatar of Lord Vishnu, is an epitome of wisdom and intelligence.Ancient Seers and Rishis worshipped Him for obtaining supreme knowledge and He can also bestow siddhi (Supernatural) powers, when you connect with his divine energies, with sincerity. Offer your prayers to the miniature statue of Hayagriva and receive His blessings.

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The third avatar of Lord Vishnu in the form of a boar is called as ‘Varaha.’ Varaha is depicted as a gigantic entity with a boar’s head and a human body. This anthropomorphic form of Vishnu is at times even depicted completely as a boar. Invoking the Varaha (boar) Avatar of Vishnu can help you regain control of lost business and reputation and bless you with fame, gold, land, and power.

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“Vishvamitra was the most compassionate being that ever lived on the earth plane. He was intent on giving a great life to everyone, a king’s life. That is why he meditated on the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and then received the mantra Brzee.” — Dr. Pillai

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Book your Ashta Bhairava Statue Set energized in Dr. Pillai’s Ashta (eight) Bhairava service for destroying fear and boosting confidence. Having this energized statue set in your sacred altar can invoked the combined blessings of eight Bhairavas.

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