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Dr.Pillai teaches how to tap into Lord Vishnu's auspicious 11th Moon energies or opening the Gates of Heaven through chanting the Lord's praises and his many forms.

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Join the replay of Hanuman’s webcast and receive the blessings to do the impossible. Knowing the right techniques to contact Hanuman can bring tremendous blessings into your life that extends far beyond his birthday. Dr. Pillai has never done a webcast on Hanuman. This year is the first time he's making these teachings available outside private seminars.

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I am going to teach you a meditation, a very secretive meditation I have never revealed before. I am also going to give the secretive mantras that you will do in each of the 4 units of time (kalas), covering the 12-hour period of time." - Dr. Pillai

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During a special Empowerment session, international teacher and AstroVed Founder Dr. Baskaran Pillai revealed important teachings to connect with Pushya (Poosam), the star of enlightenment, as well as the Pleiadian archetype Muruga.

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Watch replay of webcast with Dr. Pillai and Learn How to Develop Psychic Powers. Use Ganesha's sacred technology to tap into your abilities to know the unknown, connect deeply with your intuitive nature, and unravel obstacles before they start.

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