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Our wide range of astrological products would help you correct the energies in your life. The products are prescribed according to the type of challenges you are facing in life. Some of these are to be kept in the meditation alter with formal procedures and others are to be worn. Our list of products, which includes statues, Yantras, Malas and incense sticks etc, are designed and crafted to bring a quality improvement within you and the atmosphere around you. While shipping the products to you, we will be sending you the instructions about how to benefit from the product.
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'Luck' is an element of positivity that drives in success, happiness and prosperity into your life. The bracing breeze of luck brings about volumes of money, comforts and gains when you make it blow in your direction—Dhanakarshana Yantra does it for you! This Yantra showers on you the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, an embodiment of wealth and prosperity. She bestows upon you material comforts and good luck.

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Saraswati is the creative angel who transforms imagination into reality. She is the one who paints your life with creative thoughts and artistic colors! Creativity is one of the qualities that make you an outstanding performer. When your innovative thinking is powered by knowledge, you will become ‘Jack of All Arts’!

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