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“Vishvamitra was the most compassionate being that ever lived on the earth plane. He was intent on giving a great life to everyone, a king’s life. That is why he meditated on the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and then received the mantra Brzee.” — Dr. Pillai

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The Goddess Shreem Brzee, a form of Lakshmi, is an archetype who personifies ultimate wealth consciousness. Place this energized statue on an altar or in your sacred space to invite blessings for financial growth, healing, and all-around prosperity. After this statue is delivered to you, please follow the instructions on how you can care for it.

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This Shreem Brzee statue is exclusive to Pillai Center. Dr. Pillai continually receives new secrets about the Shreem Brzee Goddess, and this statue is a representation of the latest form that has been revealed to him.

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