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Lord Shiva is conceived in his unborn, invisible form as the Shiva Lingam. The Lingam represents the male creative energy of Shiva, or cause and is worshipped as the Supreme Consciousness or Highest Intelligence. The base of the lingam is the yoni, the symbol of the feminine, as the universal energy of creation/effect, or ‘Shakti’. Through ritual you can gain a profound understanding of this symbol, the mystery of creation and lightening your karmic load.

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Ganesha is abundantly available and accessible to anyone who takes time to connect with Him. Even mystics, who follow their own secret tradition, take time to honor and connect with Ganesha. Praying to Ganesha brings results, for He is truly a "God of the People".

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A powerful way you can access Dr. Pillai’s universal energy is through pictures or three-dimensional objects. They’re like receivers that attract, store, and generate subtle divine vibrations into the environment where they are placed.

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Take advantage of the “Windows of Time” that when open are most favourable and supportive to “Bust Your Karma”. An Anointing/Hydration Ritual/Abishekam to the Shiva Lingam performed at these special times helps to dissolve your karma. It is beneficial to do this ritual anytime however it has more potency and effect during daily Pradosham time or of course on the 13th Moon Phase.

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