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Our wide range of astrological products would help you correct the energies in your life. The products are prescribed according to the type of challenges you are facing in life. Some of these are to be kept in the meditation alter with formal procedures and others are to be worn. Our list of products, which includes statues, Yantras, Malas and incense sticks etc, are designed and crafted to bring a quality improvement within you and the atmosphere around you. While shipping the products to you, we will be sending you the instructions about how to benefit from the product.
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Get your Sasthra Bandham Vel Yantra energized in Vaikasi Visakam (Muruga’s Birthday) ceremonies. Keeping this energized Yantra in your sacred altar can grant prosperity, success in business, strengthen and protect you, and can be a tool to deepen your meditations and connect with the Divine.

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The root source of an illness could be due to the negative influence of planetary placements in your birth chart, current planetary influences (Dasa/Bhukti), negativities in the form of evil eye, or negative past life karma. The ancient Vedic texts have prescribed divine remedies to address these problems, ward off negative influences, remove bad karma, and improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Participate in our Triple Health Booster Basic

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