Parvathi Energized Crystal Mala

Beauty or the lack of it is a reflection of the past karma. Goddess Parvati is an embodiment of beauty, an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. She is also the consort of Shiva, the primordial archetype who directly interferes with your complicated karmas. Parvati Energized Crystal Mala blesses you with the divine grace of the Goddess to overcome the karmic pains and resurrect your natural glow. Counting the beads, while reciting or chanting mantra for Lord Parvati, will give more power to your Parvati Energized Crystal Mala. You can wear the mala after meditation.
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Being beautiful, or lacking beauty, is not your mistake, but an impact of your own karma! You are born in this earth plane, with a specific skin tone, facial features, and proclivity for weight. Now, your question may be, "Is beauty then unattainable, but for a few chosen magazine models and actors"

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